October 14, 2011


I'm surprised I'm so hyper.  After all, it's only 8:50 AM, and I'm exhausted!  But on Tuesday, I found out some amazing news. (No, unfortunately, I'm not getting a book published. :P) Shannon Hale is writing a sequel to Princess Academy!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I literally went "squeeeeeeeee!" (in my head) when I read the news on her blog.  PA is one of my fave books, ever since one of my besties gave it to me for my birthday last year.  Shannon Hale is an amazing author.  Her characters are vivid, her plotline is well-developed, and her stories feel extremely real.  I couldn't get into her Books of Bayern sequel, River Secrets (is it perhaps because a boy is the main character?), but I could still appreciate the beauty in her writing.  I also adore Shannon's website because she has so many tips for aspiring authors!  I don't know any other author who does that.  When I'm feeling down in my writing, I go and visit her website just to cheer me up. (Looking at past pictures of her twin baby daughters doesn't hurt, either.)

So, that's all for this chilly October Friday morn'!  TTFN, readers. ;) Off to go get ready for co-op.  It's picture day, eek!


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