October 4, 2012

Debate #1

Last night was the first of three presidential debates with Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Up until recently, I've kept my blog mostly about books.  But as I get older and take notice of politics and how our country is run, I've decided I need to let my voice be heard-even if it's only heard by about 25 people. ;) This post is mostly going to be a round-up of all the Tweets that popped up on my radar last night, along with some info from Madeleine McAulay's latest blog post and then some celeb tweets about the debate (besides the ones from celebs I follow).

Let's start with Twitter.  The main Tweets appearing on my newsfeed were from Madeleine McAulay and an actor, Bryan Dechart (he's from Jane by Design).

Bryan appears to be liberal, as he attacked Romney just a bit.  Case in point (copying this Tweet, word for word)-
"#debate I genuinely don't understand how Romney is a presidential candidate. Why is he sneering through this whole thing?"
Um, Bryan (who won't see this blog, but I don't care), I noticed his SMILE and I also noted some smug looks from Obama.
"Romney is blatantly disrespecting the moderator and the #debate forum. Doesn't exactly make me believe he'd be a very communicative leader."
I also noticed President Obama interrupting Jim Lehrer (the moderator) quite a bit...and he went WAY over his time limit multiple times.
One thing I do agree with Bryan on is this-
"I thought we were going to watch a #debate not a #rambling."
I agree that both candidates went on for quite some time.  It felt more like speeches than a debate.

A friend of mine Tweeted: "'Uhhh...'-Obama."
Yup, that sums up a lot of Obama's time on the debate last night.  Pauses, stuttering, "ums" and "uhs", looking down a lot.  Our dear president was clearly nervous.  Whereas Romney actually addressed Obama quite a bit.

And now for Madeleine McAulay.  I shall try and exercise self-restraint here.  She Tweeted a lot of good points, and my goal is to keep how many I mention to a limit.
"Romney reminding America we're not doing 'just fine'.  Laying out his 5 points. #debate"
"Romney joked, then cut to the chase.  Perfection. #debate"
"Mr. President, government digging into education is not going to help me.  Focus on jobs, so I can find one when I graduate. #debate"
"Obama says he cut taxes for middle class, yet Obamacare is the biggest middle class tax EVER. #debate"
"** Mr. President!!!!!!! My Dad, a small business owner, has had NO tax break. #factcheck #debate [Asterisks are mine; she used an abbreviation for a foul term, but I felt this tweet was important.]
"...and Obama blames Bush...again. #debate" [I just want to comment on this one real quick.  This is one of my biggest issues with Obama.  He's a blame-shifter, and he won't admit his wrongdoings.  My parents have been teaching me since I was little that I should accept responsibilty for my mistakes and my errors.]
[This one is something she retweeted from another conservative.] "Obama touts helping autistic kids, (yet) fails to mention ObamaCare raises taxes on special needs families! #debate" [Words in parentheses mine.]

And now for my lovely tweets. :) (Boy this blog post is getting long...) I retweeted a lot of what Madeleine McAulay said, but I also tweeted some of my own thoughts.

"#debate Hey, Obama, you tout your education platform as helping unemployment, yet that doesn't solve the problem of the absence of (cont.) jobs for graduates entering the workforce."
"A bit of a fan of Romney bringing up the Constitution and Declaration of Independence."

Let's move on to the celebrity tweets.  I'm choosing a few key ones, but my source is the U.S. Magazine online article that quotes them all. ;)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson-"Is that a tiny distant violin telling me to wrap up my speech?  Oh no, it's just Jim Lehrer."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck-"Both are good men. #Debate2012 but we need a great president. #It's not about liking Obama - It's about needing Romney."
Gilles Marini-"Just watched the #Debates.  Well I wish they were saying what they really think! Way to blurry and walking on eggs.  I wanted more!"
Ivanka Trump-"#Romney really rose to the occasion tonight! #BigNight #Debate2012 #debate #CantAfford4More

And finally, Madeleine McAulay's blog post.  I'm going to link it here, just so y'all can read the whole thing.  This post is long enough, so I need to keep this section short, too! http://faithhopeandpolitics.com/debate-1-obamas-lackluster-and-romneys-domination/
Her opinion about the debate is largely the same as my own: Obama was weak, and Romney dominated.  Am I fully Team Romney?  No.  But at the moment, it seems like he'd do a heck of a lot better than Obama has.  Especially when it comes to my (as well as yours ;)) future being at stake.


  1. Ya, Romney TROMPED on Obama! Is it just me or did Obama look sick, or like he didn't want to be there last night? I kept a tally of all the times that Obama said, "Uh" and how many Romney said. In about 3 speeches each, Romney used 7, and Obama used...65...I sure wish we could let our voices be heard, and I wish we could vote...

  2. What part does Bryan Dechart play in JbD?


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