October 23, 2012

Presidential Debate #3

I always Tweet a lot on debate nights, and here's what I said, and then a wrap-up of my thoughts. :) (And you can read everything I said if you visit my Twitter.)

"Obama is already doing better than his VP.  He's listening to and not laughing at Romney. #debates"
"Romney, do you have something in your eye?  You're blinking a lot. :-/ #debates"
"YES!!!!! Go, Romney!  Thanks for bringing that up! #debates" (He mentioned Obama's remark to Vladimir Putin, that he [Obama] would have more freedom after the election.  Freedom to do what???  Sell out America???)
A Retweet: "The only thing clear about #Obama foreign policy is that he treats our friends like enemies and our enemies like friends. #Debates"
"Obama says he's made it clear Israel is our best ally throughout his presidency.  Yet I think I remember him saying the opposite? #debates"
A Retweet: "I love the look Romney always gives Obama, it's like, 'Bless your heart.' #debates"
A Retweet: "Obama: I stand with Israel, unless I get a better offer... like The View #debates"
A Retweet: "Romney: By the way, you skipped Israel, and they noticed! #debates"
"Romney just laughed at himself.  That's a good quality. #debates" 
"Emma's weird fantasy thought of the day: I wonder if America's enemies are watching the #debates and taking notes on how to beat us?"
"Pertaining to my previous tweet [the one right above], another fantasy thought: saying who our greatest enemy is might not be a good idea... #debates"
A Retweet: "Romney: You know, I'm still speaking. #debates"

Every debate has had a crummy moderator.  This week's moderator was Bob Schieffer (sp?).  I actually liked him and thought he did a pretty good job.  Obama avoided a lot of pertinent details, like the deals with Russia.  I honestly felt like he lied, too, about the situation in Libya and the U.S.'s relationship with Israel.  However, I'm also not sure it was a shining moment for Romney.  He made a lot of good points, but I found him stumbling over his words a bit, and he didn't feel as cool and smooth as he has in the past. (And definitely not as good as Paul Ryan.)  To me, this election is coming down to voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Romney is certainly not the perfect candidate.  But we cannot afford four more years under Obama.  I have two older cousins (along with five younger ones), and one of them has graduated from college.  He's currently interning at a company and working part-time to make ends meet.  That's not exactly what I want to happen to me when I graduate from college.  I don't really think anyone wants that.


  1. Ryan had an advantage though. Biden was being a jerk and this time Obama sort of seemed to know what he was talking about this time. Sort of.

    It seemed that Romney was giving the President a "Oh you poor child. You have no idea what you're talking about" look But Bless your heart works as well. I think the President needs that.

    I think Romney has had better debates but still polls are saying that Mr. Romney won.

    ~D. Skye <3

  2. Following President Obama's inauguration, Taylor Swift told Rolling Stone: "I've never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive. I'm so glad this was my first election."


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