February 27, 2013


Woo, controversial post time!

I am going to start by saying that by no means am I an expert on socialism and Communism.   However, as someone who loves history and is interested in politics, I think I've observed and learned enough to form a strong opinion on socialist governments.  Therefore, this post is going to be about why such a system is wrong.  I am also going to use my world history textbook as a reference (World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective: published by A Beka Book, second edition).

As my book defines it, Communism is a form of socialism which advocates the violent overthrow of existing governments with the goal of changing society and ultimately perfecting mankind.  Communism always results in a totalitarian dictatorship that dominates the person, property, and thought of its citizens by means of force and terror.
Socialism is pretty much the same, except it uses legislation, regulation, and taxation instead of violence and revolution.

Just stop and take that in for a minute.

The United States isn't a Communist state, but it's going down a socialist path.  Our rights are slowly being taken away (i.e. new gun control laws that are defying the Second Amendment), and I'm not going to even get started on taxation.

Communism was formulated by Karl Marx, a man who wanted to eliminate the upper middle classes, "their" religions (that is, Judaism and Christianity), and their private property.  I am not upper middle class, but to terminate my religion and my private property would infuriate me to pieces.  Marx was also violent opponent of capitalism, the economical system that has helped America for many years.  He favored socialism, which he used to create Communism.

Let's move onto the tenets of Communism.

  1. Private property and inheritance rights are abolished.
  2. Wealth is redistributed through heavy, progressive income taxes.
  3. There is a central state bank to control all credit and to manipulate the nation's currency.
  4. The government controls all means of communication and transportation.
  5. The government owns all means of production (factories, farms, mines, power plants, etc.) and all natural resources.
  6. Unemployment is abolished through social welfare programs.
  7. The population is redistributed from cities to rural areas and vice versa.
  8. State-sponsored and state-supported education is mandatory.
That is a lot of information and it's all very heavy.  But now I have to add more.

Communism is based upon a denial of all that is true and good (no God, no family ties, no individuality, no incentive, and no hope).  That's what I was talking about a few posts ago.  Communists despise the family unit.  Why?  Strong families are important to the freedom and well-being of any society.  There's no incentive to work when you work for the state and not for yourself and your family.  There's no incentive to produce and save for the future.  One will only want to "get by."  As for no individuality, as a creative person, that steams my clams.  Writers, artists, composers...anyone artistic would have to conform to Communist principles.  There's no free will of creativity.

Oh, yes, and let me just mention that Karl Marx was a personal failure.  He never did a honest day's work in his life, even though he was "the champion of the working man." Excuse me while I go laugh.  Not to mention his family (his wife and six children) had to live in a tiny, damp, dirty London apartment while Marx did nothing but sit in a library and try to "solve" the world's problems.  He spent their money on travel, alcohol, and tobacco.  Three of the Marx children died in infancy, and two of the three who lived to adulthood committed suicide.  Doesn't sound like Marx's system helped his poor family out at all.

Now, I think it's best to address most of Communism's tenets, one by one.  The following numbers correspond to the list above.

1. You own nothing.  Sounds great to me.  How about you? (Note that I'm being sarcastic.) I want to own a house some day, maybe a good piece of land.  Private property is one incentive to save for the future.
2. Once again, nothing to work for.  If everyone has to stay at the same level of wealth, there's no way to improve your life.  There are always going to be poor people and rich people until Jesus returns.  It's just a fact of life.  It's what we do with our money that's important.  One can be rich.  It's evidence of your success on this Earth.  But don't be greedy.  Support charities, help the poor, and don't forget to tithe 10% of your income.
3. Manipulating the nation's currency.  Manipulating implies bad things.  Didn't America try to have a federally-run bank back in the 1800s?  Wasn't it a big flop?  Smaller, more local banks are often more successful.
4. That's happening in Communist China right now.  There are certain websites that citizens of China are not allowed to visit.  I'm sure movies, the TV, books, and newspapers are censored.  And who's to say phones aren't bugged?  Anyone who says anything against the government in a Communist nation is automatically an enemy.
5. This goes hand-in-hand with work incentive.  Small business and private businesses are critical to a capitalist society.  They build a booming economy, and if you dream to open a business but can't, then that's a loss of creativity and hope.
6. Modern America.  That's all I have to say.  Or not.  Look at all the social welfare programs we have and how high the unemployment rate is.  If people get free stuff, they don't want to work.  I understand that some people want to have a job and search hard to find one, but they can't get hired in this economy.  But there's still a vast number of people in America who would rather depend on welfare than work.  Someday, I'm going to have a job.  I don't want to support lazy people who like Obama's free hand-outs.
7. Yeah, there's not much to say about this, except how would you like to be relocated against your will?  It can't be fun.
8. I can't see what would go wrong with this!  Oh, wait.  There's a lot.  Lenin's main reason when he imposed state-supported education was to raise a generation of loyal Communists by drilling Communist principles into their minds (capitalism and religion are evil; socialism is good).  Schools today are kind of the same.  If you attended public school from kindergarten to high school graduation without anything else factoring in (home life and religion), you'd probably graduate with a very liberal, atheistic worldview.  Think about the bias textbooks present.  All authors are biased one way or another.  I am, too.  Unfortunately, there's no way to be neutral.  But still, textbooks present evolution and ideas along those lines as the correct way to believe.  That's partially why I'm homeschooled.  My parents wanted me to be raised with a conservative Christian worldview.  And I like that worldview.

Who's read The Hunger Games?  If you have, take a moment to consider Panem's government and Panem in general.  The vast majority of the population is poor and starving.  The government is strict and controlling and could be compared to Communism. Hmm...

On that happy note, I'm signing off.  But let me say this: Communism, c'est deplorable. (It is deplorable, it is sad.)  Nothing good can come from a socialist or Communist country.  I'll stick with a capitalist democratic republic, thank you very much.


  1. I've of course heard of communism, but I didn't know much about it....
    This is scary! I wonder how many people would actually like a communist government more..... Probably more than we would think.
    I like how you do posts to educate us as well as share your opinions about a matter!

    1. Thank you, July! I'm glad this could be informative. :)

  2. Horrible. :(
    Yay, for small local banks! (My dad works for one)
    I would not want to go to a government-approved school. Or any school at all. Homeschooling is fine by me!

  3. I love reading your posts because I learn so much, but at the same time, I am simply not interested in politics :P But thank you for these posts, they're so informative!

    All these terms...capitalist, socialism, liberal, conservative...I can never get them straight. (this is most likely because I never put any time into studying them, haha)

    Communism doesn't sound very fun. Though I suppose there are some benefits to it (not that I know any, I'm just assuming that there have to be some perks to Communism, or no one would even consider it..)

    So is religion banned in China? I am in China right now, actually, and I did not know that. Interesting...

    1. I believe there is an official church of China, but it's not very Christian. Most missionaries who go there have to be very careful.


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