Freelance Copy Editing Services

Copy Editing Services

Since I have plans to work in managing editorial at a YA imprint some day, I want to build my experience with copy editing and proofreading. So I'm offering freelance copy editing services!

My experience:
I have been passionate about spelling, grammar, and punctuation since I was in middle school. I took three years of Excellence in Writing classes (two of B-level, not because I flunked the first time, but because I felt I hadn't built my skills enough, and one of C-level). I was also the copy editor for the National Model Railroad Association Rock River Valley Division's newsletter for three years and a contributing editor for my university's branch of The Odyssey Online for almost two years. I'm currently a senior in college, and as a creative writing major, I've taken seven workshop-based classes in fiction, poetry, journalism, and creative nonfiction. My professors in non-English classes have commented on my strong grammar and writing skills. I currently work as a managing editorial intern at a publishing house in New York. One of the tasks I perform there is slugging pass pages, where I check for production errors and note any other grammatical errors.

What I'll copy edit/proofread:
~most high school and college papers (anything math-related or science-related may be beyond my scope, however)
~graduate school applications (i.e., essays, answers to long-form questions, or prose submissions accompanying an application)
~works of fiction and creative nonfiction; in the former category, I will read almost anything middle grade or young adult (I would prefer no horror or paranormal stories, though), as well as adult historical fiction
(If you're not sure if it fits into one of these categories, there is no harm in asking me!)

What I will do as your copy editor:
~Depending on the level of error, I will mark errors with a comment explaining what needs to be changed and why or fix errors for you (when doing the latter, I will utilize "track changes" for the document). 
~I will edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, word choice, and continuity. I will not edit anything beyond that or suggest edits to plot, characters, setting, etc. I also will not write your paper for you.

Things to Know Before You Submit:
1. Pricing varies based on the type of document, the length, and whether you want a copy edit or a proofread (the latter usually comes after the changes from a copy edit have been implemented). 
2. You must make contact at least 48 hours before the assignment is due, if it is less than 10 pages. I require at least 5 days if it is more than 10 pages. If it is a long work of fiction or creative nonfiction, I require 2-4 weeks for turnaround time.
3. Payment is due before I will return the edited work. If it is a novel-length work of fiction/creative nonfiction, I require payment before I start the project.
4. All submissions must be sent as a Word Doc in 12-point font with 1-inch margins.
4. I reserve the right to decline any request.

How to Submit:
Send the following to em (dot) b (dot) saska (at) gmail (dot) com, with "Copy Editing/Proofreading Request" as the subject line.
1. Your name and the type of work you are requesting copy edits/a proofread for.
2. The word count and/or page count of the document.
3. The requested turnaround time. 

I generally respond within one day and can let you know what the rate will be, and we can go forward from there, if the price is agreeable!

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