July 25, 2012


The contest ends tonight!  I'd love to get a lot more entries because I know there are some spectacular writers out there. ;) Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

(Sorry, couldn't resist. xD)

July 20, 2012

The Colorado Shooting

My prayers are going out to the victims of the shooting in Colorado, their families, the killer, and the killer's family.  It's very tragic and upsetting what happened.

You may ask why in the world I would pray for the gunsman.  It's because I'm a Christian.  We're supposed to pray for our enemies and love the sinner but not their sin.  I feel this guy needs to find the loving grace of God.

And remember, there's always something good that comes out of something bad. :) Although right now, all I can think about is the poor 6 year old who was killed. :(

July 17, 2012

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. :) It was a fairly nice day.  I got an iTunes card in the mail from my aunt, uncle, and three cousins, so I got a lot of Taylor Swift music with that, haha.  My grandparents gave me two seasons of The Cosby Show.  My parents gave me a personal pie maker, a Miche bag with my first shell to go with it (and the shell looks similar to the Burberry print :D), and ____ presidential dollars with ____ things they love about me (the blanks are where my age goes, but I'm not sharing that over the Internet).

I bought my new laptop yesterday, too.  My mom had to work in the afternoon, but I got to spend time with her in the morning, and she made a yummy dinner (a dish called tuxedo pasta; it's chicken with bowtie pasta and various veggies).  I got to FaceTime with Kate for at least an hour.

Just a couple of downers.
1) No kitten. (I was still clinging to that hope, lol.)
More that I can't remember...

It wasn't my best birthday ever, but it was pretty nice. :)

July 11, 2012

A Writing Contest

Bored Emma=ideas for a contest!  I'm going to host a writing contest on here. :) I can't promise any really good prizes [like an iPad or something] (first place will get their story posted on here, and a critique and editing of their story by me; second place will get a critique and editing of their story by me; and third place will get a critique of their story by me), but I think it'll be fun.  You will e-mail the stories to MDBCnumber1fan@gmail.com .  Hopefully, that e-mail will work (make sure you're typing it in correctly).  If it doesn't seem to be working, I'll change the e-mail address.

The guidelines for the contest!
1. It must be an original short story (as for length, think Envy Green and so forth as the max ;)).
2. Your main character must be human.
3. Your plotline should revolve around a celebration of something (the something is up to you, and what you do with the plot is also up to you).
4. Genre is up to you, but I would prefer no sci-fi since that's not my forte, and I just won't be able to get into it. ;) Historical fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, post-apocalypic, etc.
5. Please double-space the story and use size 12 font (this is just for ease of reading).
6. All stories must be submitted by July 25th, 11 PM ET (10 PM CT, 9 PM MT, and 8 PM PT).

I can't wait to read these masterpieces!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. ;) Let me know when you send your story in, so I can check to see if it sent.

July 7, 2012

Hi Seana!

So one of my lovely followers, Seana, tagged me for an award she won.  I now have to answer ten questions.  Oh, boy....

1) If you could enter the world of your favorite book, which book would you pick? Just...one? :( I think it would be fun to be a warrior cat in Warriors, one of the girls in the book club of The Mother-Daughter Book Club, or ride horses in Canterwood Crest.
2) If I told you there was a rampaging unicorn coming your way, what would you do? Probably use the Minotaur-avoiding technique Sally Jackson taught Percy: jump out of the way at the last second.
3) What do you do for fun? Practically everything but schoolwork.  I write for fun, hang out with friends for fun, help in the church nursery for fun (plus, I couldn't stop now because the kids we have are sweet and adorable).
4) Who do you consider to be your role model? My mom, Taylor Swift, and Madeleine McAulay (Google Madeleine if you haven't heard of her yet).
5) What is your favorite mythical creature? Naids and dryads are really cool.
6) Do you have a favorite place where you like to read, write, or do whatever it is you do? My room, mostly.  There's this little window on the landing of the stairs going up to my room, and it could be a nice place to read and write, but the carpet there is rough, and there's no place really to lean...
7) Do you enjoy cooking, or is it a disaster zone when you cook? Oh, I love to bake and cook!  I'm not terrific at it, but it is fun.
8) What is the most frightening dream you've had? Well, it's probably kind of silly now, but I recently had a dream where my mom was kidnapped, I was being stalked, and my friends and I were basically running for our lives/
9) If you just had one day to live, what would you do? I did a blog post on this.  Here's the link to it: http://bookworm716.blogspot.com/2012/05/your-last-day.html
10) I'd wager you're sick of answering these questions by now.  What would you rather be doing? Writing (if I could get the ideas to flow...), hanging out with friends, or talking with a certain someone...

There, done. :)

July 6, 2012

Political Tirade

All right, y'all, this post is probably going to be my most controversial yet.  I had a literature paper due and I could choose one of three topics.  The one I chose? "Three things I love about the United States and three thing you would like to be different."  I wrote this entire essay in about forty minutes (give or take a little), so if it's not perfect, don't hate on me for that.  Oh, yeah, and it was technically only supposed to be two pages, so I was pushing it by going onto three pages, so if some of my points aren't backed up with research, well...I either know from experience or I didn't have space to put a lot of research (plus this was supposed to be an essay, not a research paper).  I'm already used to haters for my writings and other stuff, so I figured I might as well acquire some haters for my political views!  That's why I'm posting my literature paper here for you.  If you don't want to read my political tirade, I get it.  Feel free to skip this post.  I will publish any comments-even degrading ones-as long as you keep the language clean.  I want people to see what abuse conservatives get.  I will also accept critiques, not on my political views, but on my writing style and such.  I want to know if my paper is well-written (especially for being done in under an hour).  So...here we go.  You can decide for yourself if I'm either crazy...or incredibly brave.

America—What I Like and What I Detest

By Emma

Nothing can be perfect.  However, we all have pictures of perfection and what we would like our nation to be like.  Of course, there are things we generally like about the country in which we live, too.

The first thing I like about living in the United States is freedom of religion.  That’s partly why some of the original colonists came here—freedom to worship God the way they pleased and not how the king of England demanded.  I enjoy being able to choose which Christian church to attend.  I enjoy being able to freely speak my mind about what I believe and being able to take my Bible wherever I go (of course, it’s on my iPad, and I generally bring that with me wherever I go, so by proxy, my Bible comes with).  I can pray at a restaurant before I eat, and I can’t get in trouble for it.  I mean, sure there’s religious freedom in several other countries, but I don’t think they’re as loose as we are, and there are many nations where Christians are persecuted harshly.

Second, I like the education opportunities here in America.  I can choose from a multitude of colleges or I can even choose a trade school.  As for lower education, I can be homeschooled!  There are fewer restrictions in the United States for homeschoolers.  Other countries are much stricter when it comes to their homeschooling citizens.  I wouldn’t trade anything for being homeschooled because I wouldn’t thrive in a public school.  I would wither like a flower during a drought.

The final thing I love about the United States is, for the most part, the Lord has blessed our country.  We have become a world power—albeit, that status is slipping—and we’ve only been a nation for 229 years (although that’s long, compared to a lot of the newer countries).  One of my personal beliefs is that God has blessed America because we have blessed His people, the Jews.  As long as we bless them, He’ll bless us. (That includes the theory of why Germany suffered so much during the World Wars).  So why is the U.S. failing now?  Well, we’re separating ourselves from Israel; thus, I don’t think God feels we’re blessing them.  But that’s another topic.  Ultimately, God has blessed the United States of America.

So then what do I dislike about America?  Well, it’s kind of hard to choose just three things because there is so much wrong with our nation at the moment.

I’ll start with the government.  Our government hardly seems Constitutional anymore.  Many created laws do not abide by the words on which our country was founded and formed.  Many politicians do not look at problems constitutionally.  There was a candidate for the Republican nomination for president this year, Ron Paul, who is very constitutional.  He opposes a federal ban on gay marriage.  Why?  He believes it is a state issue—and it is.  Ron Paul does not support gay marriage, but he thinks it is something each individual state should take care of.  A lot of laws created by the federal government are ones that should be left to the states.  If some of the Founding Fathers could see what was going on in America today, they would probably be sorely disappointed.

The second issue I have with America is that our country has a media that gives off a very atheist air.  And while a large population of Americans are atheist or at least not true Christians, there are more Christians than the media would like to acknowledge.  Anyways, the media also uses this air to approve homosexuality, sex before marriage, teen pregnancy, swearing, alcohol and drug use, immorality, immodest clothing, etc.  It’s like America has turned from its beginning with strong morals, all because of what the media makes to appear cool and what’s right, according to them!

Two words sum up the final thing that I think should change in the U.S.: the economy.  Anyone old enough to really understand those words generally groans when they’re brought up.  Things are tough right now for pretty much every middle-class family.  Taxes are high, interest rates are low, college tuition is up, etc.  Things look bleak.  It’s interesting to realize that everything that should be lower is higher, and everything that should be higher is lower.  For example, the national debt on President Obama’s inauguration day three and a half years ago was 10.626 trillion dollars.  It’s gone up three trillion dollars, and experts predict it will soar another three trillion dollars.  That is just outrageous.  Something needs to be done about that, and it ain’t happenin’ with Obama.  It’s no wonder so many Americans are short-tempered.  The vast majority are stressed out about money issues.

So there you have it: three things I like about the United States and three things that need to change.

July 5, 2012

So it's my first post of July! :) I hope everyone had a happy Fourth.  We mostly did stuff at home, and we didn't go see the fireworks, but I could kind of see them from one of my upstairs windows.

In just eleven days, it'll be my birthday.  I'm not too excited at the moment because one of my best friends will be in Michigan (we're delaying my b-day party because I want her to be there), and my mom has to work, so I'll be home alone. :P And there's only a couple people I'd like to spend the day with...none of whom are available.  Thus ruins a pretty big milestone birthday.  Oh, well.  At least I know I'm getting a personal pie maker (we got it up in Kenosha a couple weeks ago, and my parents said we'd save it for my birthday).