October 28, 2012

Jane Austen's Time

So after searching on Polyvore for almost 45 minutes, I created a Regency era-esque outfit.  I was thinking earlier, wishing my co-op was having a costume party for Halloween.  And then I was thinking what my costume would be if that actually happened. I decided I'd want to hunt down some Regency-esque clothing and go as Jane Austen, or Elizabeth Bennet, or Jane Bennet, or something along those lines.  And this is similar to what I'd probably wear. :) (With a fun background.  Both shots are from the 2005 movie version of P&P, I'm pretty sure.)

October 25, 2012

Writer's Block: Myth or Nagging Issue?

Writer's block.  If you want to be any type of writer some day, those words probably send chills up your spine.  But what is it truly?  I've heard published authors say it doesn't really exist.  Some will say it's an impossible hurdle.  Others claim there are different types.  I tend to agree with the first and the third.  Writer's block comes in two different types, according to Ally Carter (I will post the link to the page where I got this info at the end of this blog post): "can't get off the couch" and "your book is wrong".

In the first, it's basically when you've lost your will to write for the time-being.  In those instances, you need to write through and become a stronger, more persistent human being.  Turn off your Internet, put someone else in charge of your cell phone, get rid of all distractions!  If you need to research, either go to the library or make sure you stay on task on the Internet.  There's nothing like Googling how the Empire State Building was made and then getting sidetracked by reading about famous movies that feature said building.  If the ideas just aren't flowing, there are things that can help.  Eat "brain" food, stuff that fuels your energy.  Exercise, whether it's a walk, a swim, playing a pick-up game of basketball, whatever!  Take a shower.  That one's a bit weird, but seriously.  Who doesn't spend most of their shower contemplating various random thoughts.  It's a good time to drum up story ideas.  Just make sure you don't lose 'em before you can write the ideas down!  Read a book.  Often reading someone else's writing encourages me.  Listen to good music, nothing worthless (that means no "Call Me Maybe").  Listen to something more thought-provoking like, yes, Taylor Swift (I had to include her somehow!), or Christian songs, or Kelly Clarkson, or Carrie Underwood, or Adele, or show tunes, or...I could go on forever.  Just something that fits your mood and maybe your book theme.

But now for writer's block numero deux (number two).  You're having trouble with your book itself.  Scenes feel forced.  Your characters are turning dull.  Whereas Type One has easy fixes and can be written through, Type Two must be written around.  So take a step back.  Maybe you need to remove a scene.  No matter how good it sounds, it probably doesn't fit the direction of your story or it can't segue into some more interesting stuff.  This one can also be helped by reading and music, along with a change of scenery (which could also be useful in Type One).  If you always write at a desk, move your paper or laptop (hopefully you don't use a desktop...) to a comfy rug or the library or your backyard.  Just make sure there's nothing too distracting around you.  You could also be totally cliche and go to a coffee shop.  Wear hipster glasses, order a latte, and write feverishly-people will be impressed! ;)

And never forget to have fun.  If you're not enjoying your novel, no one else will, and that's bad.


October 23, 2012

Presidential Debate #3

I always Tweet a lot on debate nights, and here's what I said, and then a wrap-up of my thoughts. :) (And you can read everything I said if you visit my Twitter.)

"Obama is already doing better than his VP.  He's listening to and not laughing at Romney. #debates"
"Romney, do you have something in your eye?  You're blinking a lot. :-/ #debates"
"YES!!!!! Go, Romney!  Thanks for bringing that up! #debates" (He mentioned Obama's remark to Vladimir Putin, that he [Obama] would have more freedom after the election.  Freedom to do what???  Sell out America???)
A Retweet: "The only thing clear about #Obama foreign policy is that he treats our friends like enemies and our enemies like friends. #Debates"
"Obama says he's made it clear Israel is our best ally throughout his presidency.  Yet I think I remember him saying the opposite? #debates"
A Retweet: "I love the look Romney always gives Obama, it's like, 'Bless your heart.' #debates"
A Retweet: "Obama: I stand with Israel, unless I get a better offer... like The View #debates"
A Retweet: "Romney: By the way, you skipped Israel, and they noticed! #debates"
"Romney just laughed at himself.  That's a good quality. #debates" 
"Emma's weird fantasy thought of the day: I wonder if America's enemies are watching the #debates and taking notes on how to beat us?"
"Pertaining to my previous tweet [the one right above], another fantasy thought: saying who our greatest enemy is might not be a good idea... #debates"
A Retweet: "Romney: You know, I'm still speaking. #debates"

Every debate has had a crummy moderator.  This week's moderator was Bob Schieffer (sp?).  I actually liked him and thought he did a pretty good job.  Obama avoided a lot of pertinent details, like the deals with Russia.  I honestly felt like he lied, too, about the situation in Libya and the U.S.'s relationship with Israel.  However, I'm also not sure it was a shining moment for Romney.  He made a lot of good points, but I found him stumbling over his words a bit, and he didn't feel as cool and smooth as he has in the past. (And definitely not as good as Paul Ryan.)  To me, this election is coming down to voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Romney is certainly not the perfect candidate.  But we cannot afford four more years under Obama.  I have two older cousins (along with five younger ones), and one of them has graduated from college.  He's currently interning at a company and working part-time to make ends meet.  That's not exactly what I want to happen to me when I graduate from college.  I don't really think anyone wants that.

October 22, 2012

Taylor Swift

Pssh, I'm not obsessed with Taylor Swift.  Where did y'all get that crazy idea?!  Oh, wait, I am.... Right now I'm listening to her new album, Red, while wearing my Forever Red fragrance from Bath & Body Works, wearing my red heart flower ring, and watching my Taylor Swift picture slide show.  And no, that's not overkill.  Not to mention I probably have about 75 pictures of her... okay, it might be time to commit me to a mental home.  Or not... xD

Wanna see some of my favorite Tay pictures?  Well you're going to anyways.

Well, I'll stop there, I suppose... you can sigh with relief and cheer now.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. *rolls eyes*

October 20, 2012

Day Six

And here we are at last, at the final day of our own little fashion week.  I'm about to show a real-life outfit of mine.  It's not complete because I couldn't find the black tights and black cami I wore with it. :P They must be in the wash.  But since the top, skirt, and shoes are all there, I think you're getting a pretty good idea of what I wore this past Sunday to church. :)

My favorite part of the sweater is that part of the back, up towards the neckline, is lace.  And those are my favorite ankle boots.  I will literally wear them every chance I get.  I wore them to the mall when my mom and I went shopping in August.  I wore them to Chicago in September.  And I wear them a lot to co-op.  And if you're wondering, yes, my feet hurt after walking all over Chicago. :P

October 19, 2012

Day Five

Ah, it's the last day! :( I've loved creating these outfits for all of you, and I sincerely hope you've enjoyed them, too.  Here's the last one, using the dress and the sweater.

October 18, 2012

Day Four

Well look at that.  It's already day four!  That really means I should lay out my outfit and take a picture of it in preparation for Saturday.  But I'm a procrastinator and I'm feeling particularly lazy today, so that won't be happening.  Here's outfit number four, and it's one of my personal faves. :)

October 17, 2012

A Lesson in Boredom

All right, Seana, I love you dearly.  Well not exactly love, since I don't know you in real life... ok, I like you dearly.  There, that works. xD ANYWAYS.  Seana, I like you dearly.  But did you really have to let me read that last sentence so I had to do the Liebster Award AGAIN?  I guess that's what I get for being bored and wanting something to do. :P Time to answer eleven questions.

1. Who is your favorite book character and why? *stares at this question for five minutes* I can't choooooooseeeee! D: Okay, maybe I'll say Jess Delaney from The Mother-Daughter Book Club because she's sort of like me.  She's blonde and petite, has blue eyes, loves animals, and likes her friend's older brother (well, I used to).
2. What celebrity do you think you're most like? I guess Taylor Swift?  I don't think I'm really like any celeb...
3. Have you ever wondered what a rainbow would taste like? Nope.
4. When asked to do something, what is your go-to best excuse? Either "I'm busy" or "I'm in the middle of something important!"  And my parents say I pull those two a lot.
5. If I gave you a present, what do you suppose it would be? Well, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have glitter on it...
6. Would you rather eat dirt or mud? Seana, you just made me gag.  Neither. :P
7. What is your dream? To become a famous author...even though I hate public speaking and being the center of attention, haha.
8. If someone walked up to you and said they'd give you a million dollars if you would wear a pink tutu on your head, flap your arms like a bird, and sing an opera song by heart, would you do it? Nope, because I don't know any opera.
9. How would you explain to an alien the art of eating a cookie? It's basically like eating any other food, so...
10. Why do you suppose I'm not doing an eleventh question? You hate the number eleven?

I've decided to be unexpected.  This time I won't be breaking the cycle, because...if you read the previous sentence, you have to answer the eleven questions below.  You can do it on your own blog (as long as you link it in a comment) or answer them in the comments.

1. Have you ever eaten a macaron?
2. What does this line from a Shakespearean play make you think of: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."
3. Would you rather eat pie or do English homework?
4. What languages do you know?
5. If you had $10,000 to take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
6. If you were an electronic device, what would you be?
7. Which job would you rather try to learn in one day: hair stylist or gardener?
8. What color pen do you prefer to write with?
9. Would you read a book if it were Shakespeare's plays rewritten?
10. What do you think makes a better tragedy: love, death, or squirrel suicide?
11. Who would you tie to a chair and lecture about manners?

Day Three

Today I used a dress and leggings, the final pieces from the seven-piece collection.  I also repeated a piece.  This outfit might be a little out there for some of you-and I probably wouldn't wear it myself, lol-but I think it looks kind of cool.

October 16, 2012

Day Two

Three new pieces coming your way!  A sweater, a tank, and a pair of jeans.  Tomorrow, something from yesterday or today might just repeat, but for now, it's all new pieces.  This is an outfit I can picture wearing out shopping.  Readers who go to a public or private school, tell me-would you wear something like this to school?

October 15, 2012

Day One

We're starting with a fun, flirty, sort of simple outfit.  The top and skirt are from the seven main pieces that you'll see running throughout.

October 14, 2012

Are Y'all Ready?

I'm wondering if y'all are ready for another fashion week of sorts.  I've assembled a collection of seven clothing pieces on Polyvore, and I will use all of them in five outfits you can put together consisting of them and then various accessories and shoes.  Then I'll close up the week by sharing an outfit of my own.  So give me feedback!  Does this sound good to you?  Is another fashion week something you're interested in?

I also have a couple fun week-long activity planned, both of which will be in November (National Novel Writing Month!).  Yeah, that's a bit of a hint... See if you can guess what those secret two weeks involve. ;)

October 12, 2012

VP Debate

I think last night's debate could be summed up in these two sentences: "When I was telling my mom about it, I started literally shaking and turning red because I was so excited/upset." "I wanted to bring Joe Biden to our house, tie him to a chair, and lecture him on manners."  However many good points you thought Biden had, he was totally disrespectful.  Note that Paul Ryan sat there when it wasn't his turn to speak, calmly and respectfully listening to Biden.  Biden interrupted so much, and the moderator (Martha somebody...I cannot remember her last name for the life of me :P.) let him!  Even thinking about it now makes me start to shake with anger.

If I counted correctly, I Tweeted 28 times and reTweeted 14 messages last night.  You can see everything I said if you go to my Twitter page (link to the right, and down a  bit), but I'll try and summarize everything the best I can.  I RTed when Madeleine McAulay said "YES!!! Ryan brings up Obama's choice to go on the View instead of meeting Netanyahu. #vpdebate" Many times throughout the night, I wanted Biden to stop laughing.  My bestie, Kate, (who I got to watch the debate) said "Biden is almost acting like they can't get a nuclear weapon, whereas Ryan believes they have the intelligence and is respecting them and stuff."  Another Tweet from the lovely Emma: "I'm trying to respect you, Biden, I really am.  But you just blatantly interrupted Ryan!"  Madeleine Tweeted two quotes from Ryan: "We're headed in the wrong direction" and "This is not a real recovery".  I said "BURN! #vpdebate "That one must've stung, VP Biden!" in response to Ryan saying, "As the VP knows, words don't always come out the way you always mean." (And I agree with that; it even happens to me.)  Joe Biden talked about instincts and common sense.  My responses? "My instincts tell me you're wrong.  Sorry, Biden. #vpdebate" "My common sense is telling me that voting for Obama would doom my future! #vpdebate" One of the best things I RTed during the night?  Alison Griswold (@alisongriz) said "guys, you can't blame Biden for giggling.  We all get the giggles in front of attractive, intelligent men..." In the midst of the debate, I realized I needed food and a hoodie, but I didn't want to pause the TV nor walk out of hearing range.  Thankfully, our kitchen is within hearing range of our TV, so I was able to grab something real quick.  And blessing of blessings, my clean laundry was in my basket in the living room, so I could grab a hoodie out of that. But back to the debate. xD I posted a picture on Instagram/Tweeted/FBed it.  I also said, "I just yelled at my TV.  Biden is making me go insane! #vpdebate" (If you're interested in what I said, I yelled "Shut up" when he was interrupting for the umpteenth time.) "I love how calmly and respectfully Ryan is sitting there.  He reminds me of a true leader.  Unlike Biden who freaks out. #vpdebate" I loved the discussion about abortion and the closing question.  During his closing statement, Biden said something to the effect of "I want parents to be able to look their kids in the eye and say, 'Honey, it's going to be okay.'" My response? "But, Biden, under Obama's presidency, my parents cannot say that to me! #vpdebate" And finally, a bit of humor during these serious moments: "One of the few things I disagree with Paul Ryan on: football teams. ;)"

I wanted to post this right now as soon as I was done typing the above paragraph at 7:50 AM CT, but I promised myself I would wait until this evening.  Why?  Well, last night on FB, I posed the question: "So now that the debate is over, I want to hear everyone's opinions on what was said!" I just want to make sure I have as many replies as possible, especially from the youth.  So when you finally read this, it'll have been twelve hours after I wrote the above stuff. :) But I promise I have not/will not edit a single word of it, except to correct any grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors I notice.

A mom of one of my good friends said: "Biden looked weird with his constant smirking.  Ryan was so polite that Biden took advantage of that by his rude interruptions."
The awesome Kate said, "I think Ryan hit some key points and had a cool head through the whole debate were as [whereas] Biden was being rude, interrupting and laughing almost the entire time." (Words in brackets mine.)
And finally, a friend of a friend said, "I think that Biden totally came out ahead, and hit all the right points. i thought Ryan looked kinda creepy. lol. i think Biden was a little rude tonight, but i think Romney was much more rude to Obama then Biden was to Ryan."

And there you have it, readers.  More of my thoughts this time.  But Joe Biden didn't impress me.  I was flabbergasted at his lack of manners and respect.  I feel it shows you just how separate the conservative and liberal worlds can be.

October 6, 2012

Taylor Swift's New Album, and a Book Review!

So today, we found out the track listings for Taylor Swift's upcoming album, Red!  Sixteen lovely songs, and there are six international bonus tracks (I'm hoping the U.S. will have access to those bonus tracks sooner than later).

All nineteen songs (three of the international bonus tracks are the original demos and an acoustic version) sound like they'll be amazing.  We've already heard "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "Begin Again", and "Red".  In the next two weeks, two more singles will be released. :D

So yesterday, Kate loaned me Mark of Athena and I read it in about three hours (yup, I'm just that awesome. LOL.). (There will be some spoilers in this section, so skip to the next paragraph, if you don't want to ruin the book for you.)  It was pretty good.  I loved hearing Annabeth's POV, and stuff actually happened. (They went to Rome!)  I felt, though, like the seven were encountering way too many random and obscure figures from mythology. :P It got confusing.  Jason and Piper are officially dating, and I have mixed feelings about that.  I kind of liked the idea of Jason and Reyna, haha. xD I also absolutely hated the way it ended.  It just doesn't sound like things are going well.

Now I'm off to re-read Mark of Athena and listen to Taylor Swift music!  The only thing better than this will be listening to Red and reading Wish You Were Eyre. ^.^ (They come out the 22nd and 23rd!!!!)

October 4, 2012

Debate #1

Last night was the first of three presidential debates with Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Up until recently, I've kept my blog mostly about books.  But as I get older and take notice of politics and how our country is run, I've decided I need to let my voice be heard-even if it's only heard by about 25 people. ;) This post is mostly going to be a round-up of all the Tweets that popped up on my radar last night, along with some info from Madeleine McAulay's latest blog post and then some celeb tweets about the debate (besides the ones from celebs I follow).

Let's start with Twitter.  The main Tweets appearing on my newsfeed were from Madeleine McAulay and an actor, Bryan Dechart (he's from Jane by Design).

Bryan appears to be liberal, as he attacked Romney just a bit.  Case in point (copying this Tweet, word for word)-
"#debate I genuinely don't understand how Romney is a presidential candidate. Why is he sneering through this whole thing?"
Um, Bryan (who won't see this blog, but I don't care), I noticed his SMILE and I also noted some smug looks from Obama.
"Romney is blatantly disrespecting the moderator and the #debate forum. Doesn't exactly make me believe he'd be a very communicative leader."
I also noticed President Obama interrupting Jim Lehrer (the moderator) quite a bit...and he went WAY over his time limit multiple times.
One thing I do agree with Bryan on is this-
"I thought we were going to watch a #debate not a #rambling."
I agree that both candidates went on for quite some time.  It felt more like speeches than a debate.

A friend of mine Tweeted: "'Uhhh...'-Obama."
Yup, that sums up a lot of Obama's time on the debate last night.  Pauses, stuttering, "ums" and "uhs", looking down a lot.  Our dear president was clearly nervous.  Whereas Romney actually addressed Obama quite a bit.

And now for Madeleine McAulay.  I shall try and exercise self-restraint here.  She Tweeted a lot of good points, and my goal is to keep how many I mention to a limit.
"Romney reminding America we're not doing 'just fine'.  Laying out his 5 points. #debate"
"Romney joked, then cut to the chase.  Perfection. #debate"
"Mr. President, government digging into education is not going to help me.  Focus on jobs, so I can find one when I graduate. #debate"
"Obama says he cut taxes for middle class, yet Obamacare is the biggest middle class tax EVER. #debate"
"** Mr. President!!!!!!! My Dad, a small business owner, has had NO tax break. #factcheck #debate [Asterisks are mine; she used an abbreviation for a foul term, but I felt this tweet was important.]
"...and Obama blames Bush...again. #debate" [I just want to comment on this one real quick.  This is one of my biggest issues with Obama.  He's a blame-shifter, and he won't admit his wrongdoings.  My parents have been teaching me since I was little that I should accept responsibilty for my mistakes and my errors.]
[This one is something she retweeted from another conservative.] "Obama touts helping autistic kids, (yet) fails to mention ObamaCare raises taxes on special needs families! #debate" [Words in parentheses mine.]

And now for my lovely tweets. :) (Boy this blog post is getting long...) I retweeted a lot of what Madeleine McAulay said, but I also tweeted some of my own thoughts.

"#debate Hey, Obama, you tout your education platform as helping unemployment, yet that doesn't solve the problem of the absence of (cont.) jobs for graduates entering the workforce."
"A bit of a fan of Romney bringing up the Constitution and Declaration of Independence."

Let's move on to the celebrity tweets.  I'm choosing a few key ones, but my source is the U.S. Magazine online article that quotes them all. ;)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson-"Is that a tiny distant violin telling me to wrap up my speech?  Oh no, it's just Jim Lehrer."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck-"Both are good men. #Debate2012 but we need a great president. #It's not about liking Obama - It's about needing Romney."
Gilles Marini-"Just watched the #Debates.  Well I wish they were saying what they really think! Way to blurry and walking on eggs.  I wanted more!"
Ivanka Trump-"#Romney really rose to the occasion tonight! #BigNight #Debate2012 #debate #CantAfford4More

And finally, Madeleine McAulay's blog post.  I'm going to link it here, just so y'all can read the whole thing.  This post is long enough, so I need to keep this section short, too! http://faithhopeandpolitics.com/debate-1-obamas-lackluster-and-romneys-domination/
Her opinion about the debate is largely the same as my own: Obama was weak, and Romney dominated.  Am I fully Team Romney?  No.  But at the moment, it seems like he'd do a heck of a lot better than Obama has.  Especially when it comes to my (as well as yours ;)) future being at stake.