August 20, 2011

The Beginning of All Chick Lit...

And so my blog finally comes to one of my favorite topics-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 
I knew the book existed.  My mom bought a copy of it for me to attempt reading.  It was even a special copy with little insights, including historical notes, key notes about the story, Jane's life, etc.  But I epically failed in my reading of it.  It was probably over my head at that point.  But then the beloved mother-daughter book club in Heather Vogel Frederick's series read it.  I knew I had to try again, for the sake of the girls who seem so real to me.  And I'm glad I made a second attempt, for I finished P&P and LOVED it! :) And now I read it at least once a month.  I have only seen the 2005 movie, but I'm trying to find the edition with Colin Firth in it at our library.  But I'm hooked!  And my mom found out that the same publishing company that did the edition I have of P&P has done one of Sense and Sensibility so I've ordered it.  Hooray for Jane Austen!  If only she'd lived many more books she might've written....

If you want to know the version of P&P I own, just leave a comment. ;)

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