January 20, 2013

A Random Activity

So we went to my grandparents' house yesterday, and on the way home, I decided to play a little game since I was bored.  I watched the passing cars and tried to nickname the passengers/cars and see what crazy people drive on the Illinois highways.  Without further ado, the list I came up with:

~Sunglasses Family (a dad, mom, teen daughter, and preteen son all wearing sunglasses, chewing gum, and trying to look cool)
~the Blanket Car (blankets piled in the backseat and tied to the back of the trunk; presumably, there were blankets in the trunk, too)
~College Dudes (a car full of guys about college age)
~Headphones Boy (self-explanatory)
~Dusty Traveler (a station wagon so dusty and dirty that it appeared a pale brown instead of its natural silver)
~Young Hipster Couple (self-explanatory)
~Car Clone (duplicate van of ours, from the color to the bug guard on the front; only thing missing on theirs was an antenna topper)
~at least 6 people on cell phones (sad, sad, sad)

So, yeah, IL highways...are kind of bizarre, haha.


  1. LOL! That's a new one. FUn! :D

  2. I do that ALLLLLLLLLLL the time! I also love to make up real names for people and then write their life stories in my head judging by their look, their car, their expression, etc!