January 3, 2012

Canterwood Crest: Initiation

So for a contest on Jessica Burkhart's blog, I'm supposed to blog about her latest book in the series: Initiation!  Spoilers are ahead, so if you're reading the Canterwood Crest series, please avoid reading the rest of this post. ;) If you aren't even considering reading CC, then, by all means, continue. ;)

Initiation is technically the 13th book in the series. (Chosen is a Super Special, so I don't personally consider it as a set part of the series.  It's sort of like the Warriors Super Editions, in my mind.)  There are about...five main characters, I'd say.  Lauren, of course, (she's the only narrator, BTW), Khloe, Riley, Lexa, and Clare.  And Lauren seems to be a bit of a boy-magnet!  I personally hope she ends up with Drew.  The whole book, though, she's trying to keep the secret about her jumping accident.  And at the very end, after a sleepover, all the girls go down to the Hawthorne common room to watch riding videos.  Someone pops in the video of the show where Lauren had her accident.  When Khloe-who is also Lauren's roommate-asks Lauren if that girl was her, Lauren says no.  Both my friend and I about fell off our seats with shock.  How could Lauren say that?  Plus, there's so many possibilities to what she'll say next!  And we have to wait until May for Popular. :( Anything else I should mention?  Oh, yes, I think Lauren is overwhelming herself with her schedule.  She's putting too much on her plate.  And I wish Khloe had gotten cast as Belle, not Mrs. Potts.  Riley's reaction about that to Khloe was seriously mean. :(

That's all!  Now off to schoolwork....


  1. Oh! Thanks for letting me know about that! I didn't even know it was out yet!!! *Squeals*

  2. OMG!!! OMG!!! I'm freaking out!!! I live in Canada, so it's kinda hard not to get excited when INITATION isn't out yet but I seriously LOVE spoilers. First of all, I did not get to read the book, so if my comments are really stupid, someone tell me!

    Okay. I'm kinda not shocked with Riley's mean-ness to Khloe cause well, mean girl much? Besides, it's not like Riley got the cast of Belle... (actually, she does... right? right?? right???) But I am so DYING to read INITIATION! Anyways, I so want to know what happens to Clare, Khloe, and Lauren because they're like, in a friendship triangle.

    Second. It's kinda obvious Lauren would over-do herself cause she's used to the pressure she puts on herself.

    Third. I read about Drew (kinda) in the trailer, so I'm wondering about the other boy(s)...

    Fourth. (I know, this is really long.) So, Lauren does not admit to being the A-circuit competitor, the Lauren Towers, national champion. But... I guess you kinda have to trust her with her decision. Cause, what if Lauren didn't want to tell Khloe and by the way you wrote your post, Riley, Clare, and Lexa were there? I'm guessing Lauren didn't want to tell Khloe in front of all those girls. Then again, I don't know what happened, so...

    Anways, SOMEONE comment on my comment because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ABOUT INITIATION!!!

  3. You'll have to read the book so everything makes sense! ;)

  4. Is it out yet? Oh and do you mind if I advertise your blog on my blog? If not that's ok too.
    Thanks! July

  5. Yes, and no I don't mind. ;)

  6. OMG just read INITIATION! Amazing! The INITIATION trailer said Clare was Lauren's enemy but, not really. She's as friendly as Jill Carson, Lexa's roommate, so I'm not sure why Clare is considered an enemy. If something happened in POPULAR though, it would half make sense cause well, this is the INITIATION trailer.


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