January 19, 2012

Lip Gloss Forever!

You're talking to the resident lip gloss freak.  I had $15 left on my Bath & Body Works giftcard, and I used it to get 4 lip glosses! (One was $2 and one was free as part of a buy two, get one free deal.) We went to B&BW after MOPS today, and I got my glosses!  They are... glittering cola (actually smells like Coca-Cola), sparkling soda (smells kind of like root beer), Aruba coconut, and peach tart.  The peach tart is a retired one, and I absolutely love it!  They all smell sooooo good, and I can't wait to use them.


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE B & B Works lip gloss! I have a marshmallow one, a lemonade one, and a seasonal apple cider. I LOVE them!

    1. I have five others. :) Cherry vanilla (my absolute fave), whipped vanilla, limeade, strawberry lemonade, and cinnamon pumpkin. I actually have a post from back in July about lip gloss.

  2. i need new lip glosses i just got cheap one for Christmas hopping that i can go to the mall this weekend


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