May 19, 2012


I am running on a ton of energy.  Today was registration for next semester at my co-op and then our annual picnic.  My mom and I got there early, and two of my besties and I hung out outside.  Then my mom took us to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy (iTunes card, yay!), and Bath & Body Works (lip gloss, even better).  The picnic was great, too.  I hung out with my friends and felt totally relaxed and normal.  We talked, and took a walk around the pond at the park, and we raced each other a bit, too.  Out of the three races I think I won two, which is totally weird because I'm not normally that fast.  But I felt all this energy pulsing through my body, and that felt amazing.  We watched the guys play football and capture the flag, though, and at one point, one guy tried to leap over this fence, and he almost made it.  But then he fell. xD And Kate, Alisa, and I just about died laughing about that.

So, just a thinking question for y'all.  When do you feel most energized and why?  You can comment and tell me your answer, or you can just hold it close to you. ;)


  1. What exactly is your co-op you're talking about?

    1. It's a homeschool co-op that I attend on Fridays for academic classes and extracurriculars. It has an official name, but it's like saying my school name-personal info. So I call it what it is: a co-op.

  2. I feel most energized when I am dancing. :) I am a dancer, and that is when my energy just flows through! :)


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