August 21, 2012

Budget Outfits

Today, I'm going to be talking all about budget outfits.  I was able to create two outfits-one under $75 and the other just over $50.  In real life, I think I could probably create an entire outfit for under $50, but that's because there's always sales, and we have coupons, and the stores I go to have different options.  Let's start with the $75 outfit.

So this is an outfit I could picture wearing out to dinner.  Maybe to high school, if you're on TV, lol.  Wearing it to work might be okay, depending on your job.  Let me get the prices for you.

Sweater=$16 at
Tank top=$13 at
Skirt=$24 at
Tights=$7.85 at
Shoes=$13 at

And now for the second budget outfit!

This one is a bit more casual.  You could wear it to the mall or while hanging out with friends.  Ready for the prices?

T-shirt=$13 at
Jeans=$15 at
Shoes=$26 at

So, thoughts on these less expensive outfits?  Does anyone have any outfits to share during our own little Fashion Week?

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee, the Snow White shirt rocks. (:

    If only those red flats were sparkly...then I could have my own pair of Dorothy's ruby slippers! :']


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