September 27, 2011

JUST ONE WEEK *fangirl squeal*

*fans self* Breathe, Emma, breathe.  Just one.more.week until Home for the Holidays and The Son of Neptune are released!!!  I am so excited, I can't put it into words.  I have H4H on order at our local small town bookstore, and one of my besties has (hopefully!) pre-ordered SoN because we're going to both read the book we got and then switch at our Friday homeschool co-op.  Neither of us has enough money to buy both, meh. :P But I'm super, super excited!  Rick Riordan just released the last new character image on his blog, and every single character has got me intrigued.  Octavian is pretty creepy-looking, but Reyna and Ella the harpy sound cool.  And so does Hazel.  And I know in The Lost Hero that Jason mentioned Hazel and Reyna.  And two other people named Dakota and Bobby.  If Dakota's a girl, Jason sure has a lot of gal pals...LOL!  I'd also like to thank Grace (y'all might know her as the blogger who writes "Tales of a 7th Grade Mosquito Hater") for giving me some sneak peek spoilers from her ARC copy of H4H that she won in Heather Vogel Frederick's contest.  Yay, Grace!  Even though I'm very jealous of you, ha-ha.  Well, that's all for this rainy Tuesday.  Next time I write...I just might have H4H...

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