August 8, 2016

Professor Emma Teaches How to Kill Your Readers

It's been a while since I did one of these posts, but it's time for a new school semester, so I figured I'd announce the classes I'm teaching at the Bibliophile University. The creative writing class is all about writing twists and endings and plots that will cause your readers to use this GIF:

How to Kill Your Readers

Obviously there would be a lot of writing and plotting, but I also think I'd make the following books part of the syllabus.

Required Reading:
I can't decide what to put on the recommended reading list, mostly because several books I wanted to include were sequels, but the first books in the series weren't as shocking. So what books would you want to see as recommended reading for this course? 
(Also I'd love to hear what other classes you'd love to see taught at the Bibliophile University. And stay tuned in the next couple weeks for the other class I'm teaching!)

1 comment:

  1. Recommended Reading:
    -The entire Mistborn series
    -Possibly also the Stormlight Archive
    -What am I saying; just read all the Sanderson. Sanderson is a master of killing you with plot twists. And also endings. Though mostly plot twists.


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