August 6, 2016

Writing Prompt #8

I haven't done a writing prompt in about a month. I had one originally on the schedule in July, and then I just didn't feel inspired by any of the prompts at my disposal. But I finally felt like doing this one, so here's the results. It's not from the official list once again; instead, it's from a set I found on a prompt blog on Tumblr. I took the line below, started my piece with it, and wrote for about six minutes.

Use this line to start your piece or use it somewhere in your piece:
It was much sadder than I expected.

It’s much sadder than I expected. I knew it would be bittersweet, but I didn’t think I would cry. Yet, here I am, wishing I had pockets and tissues. Why they don’t put pockets in graduation gowns is beyond me.
I sniffle and tip my head back slightly so my nose won’t run and the tears won’t smudge my makeup. The university president is still speaking. I try to listen to her, but I have zero focus today. My mind keeps one-upping itself with questions that are more anxiety-inducing than the last.
Will my friendships I made these last four years last? What if employers think my minor is ridiculous? Will I ever find a job? What if I’m still living at home when I’m thirty? What If I never get a book published?
The girl on my left nudges me. “Here, you look like you need this,” she says, passing me a tissue.
I smile and dab at my eyes. “Thanks,” I say. My voice is shaky. I take several deep breaths and look around.

The sun is shining. I’m graduating college today. There’ll be time to worry about everything later. Right now, I am going to reflect on the best four years of my life thus far and celebrate.

So what did that line inspire for you? I'd love to see what you wrote, so feel free to share a bit in the comments or put it in a Google Doc and link to that. :)

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