About Me

Hey, I'm Emma. I'm a twenty-something bookworm who also loves writing, baking, music (especially Taylor Swift), God, history, Shakespeare, Gilmore Girls, and Broadway musicals. I'm notorious for killing off characters based off of my friends in my books. I've been writing since 2006 and hooked on books since I was two. I've been blogging since 2011, although only reviewing books since 2013. 

I wa a creative writing major with a history minor, and I hope to work in the children's book publishing industry once I've graduated, hopefully as a production editor or in marketing. 

I also wrote semi-regularly for my university's chapter of The Odyssey. You can find the link to my profile and articles below.

Fun facts you probably didn't want to know about me: my true Patronus is a cheetah (no matter what Pottermore says); I'm left-handed; I love pie like Lorelai Gilmore loves coffee; and I love to wear boots.

Various Ways to Contact Me
Email: MDBCnumber1fan [at] gmail [dot] com
The Odyssey: Emma Saska
Twitter: @AwkwordlyEmma
Instagram: @awkwordly_emma
Facebook: Awkwordly Emma
Goodreads: Emma

Review Policy
I am currently CLOSED to review requests from authors, unless we have an established professional relationship. I am OPEN to review requests from YA/children's publicists, if the book you are pitching is contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy, or a mystery.

Giveaway Policy
Occasionally, I host giveaways for books and swag. Obviously, to provide the prize to the winner, I must request your address. I will never give this address to anyone, apart from trusted publishers and authors if they're providing the prize. Additionally, once the prize has been shipped and received, I will delete the email with the address (unless you have given me permission to hold onto your address for any reason).