April 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Let's talk about Once Upon a Time. (And there will be spoilers for season 2.)  Henry often says, "Good always wins!" And he's almost right.  In the end, God will triumph over Satan.  But good won't always win until then because of the sin in the world.

Right now, things look pretty darn hopeless on Once, and I'm worried good won't win.  The current villains make the Evil Queen look as pure as Snow White.  Pretty worrisome, huh?  Once's Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin (the other main antagonist of season one) have their redeeming qualities, things that could turn them to the good side.  Regina-that's the Evil Queen-has been trying so hard to become good for Henry, her adopted son.  But circumstances keep shoving this wavering woman to the bad side.  She reminds me of a baby Christian, someone who falters a lot because they're new to Christianity and being a child of God.  But there's always hope, and I have to believe Regina will return to the girl who loved the stable boy.

Tamara and Owen/Greg, on the other hand... There's a bit of motive for Greg's evilness, but Tamara is just so bad!  She's so casually cruel.  Those are the people that steam my clams.  They have no heart, no conscience.  I'm sure we'll learn why she's like this, but honestly, I can't see any valid back story that would make a person that bad.  I want to kick both Tamara and Greg in the face.

But like I said, I feel like all hope is lost after tonight's episode and the 8-minute preview I saw for next Sunday's (things are pretty dismal).  OUAT is one of my favorite shows, so I want things to turn out the way I want them to.  Things need to change with Mr. Gold and Lacey (Belle).  She needs to remember so she can become a good person again and bring out the good in Gold.  Tamara and Greg need to go.  Regina and Hook need to be "baby Christians" (using that analogy again) and slowly become good but not waver as much as Regina already has this season.  I'd like to see Ursula become season 3's villain, along with Jafar, and maybe Maleficient can make a return.  And the Charmings need to be a happy family.  Snow needs to feel good again, after the events of episode 16.  And there needs to be happily ever afters.

And I freaking want good to win.  Is that too much to ask???

April 27, 2013

Night Owl Activities

This is what happens when Kate goes to bed early.

I sent her a ton of Taylor Swift lyrics in iMessage, lol.  She's so going to love me in the morning.

April 23, 2013

Unreleased Songs

So if you follow me on Twitter, you might've noticed that I said last night I'd be blogging about Taylor Swift's unreleased songs.  And that is what I'm doing.  So here is a list of my top 13 faves.

1) American Boy  "American boy, living in the real world, trying just to get the girl."
There's a lot of theories that this is about Taylor's dad instead of a guy.  Either way, it's a super sweet song.

2) Making Up for Lost Love  "And that small town daydream lasted all night."
Every version I've heard of it, Taylor's voice isn't the best, but I love the lyrics.

3) Live for the Little Things  "Wish upon a star and give the moon a smile; pretending, defending, take a risk, and go along for the ride; strawberries and fairies with wings."
I love how sweet this song is.

4) Didn't They  "Down the aisle, three men walked, said, 'We're here to die for our god.' He stood up and said, 'That's funny, 'cause my God died for me.'"
This isn't one of my favorite songs, but the lyric above really stands out to me. (Taylor wrote this song about 9/11, btw.)

5) Your Anything  
Go watch the officialtaylorguitar version on YouTube.  I'm serious.  It's live, and her voice is near perfect.  Plus, who doesn't love seeing sixteen year old Taylor?

6) Brought Up That Way  "God, I didn't bring her up to lay her down."
One of Taylor's most emotional songs.  If you're not already a TS fan, this song could probably make you one.

7) Cross My Heart  "I pray for you and me and hope I'm right."
I actually just heard this song this morning for the first time, and it's really good.  I think you can probably notice-if you listen to the songs on this list-how much the music sounds like Taylor's old country style.  But what truly makes Taylor's songs country is the lyrics and the way they tell a story.

8) We Were Happy  "Talking 'bout your daddy's farm, and you were gonna marry me."
Classic country, and it's a pretty song, to boot.

9) Dark Blue Tennessee  "Missing you like this is such sweet sorrow."
Not much to say, except go listen to it. :)

10) Drive All Night (also known as Just South of Knowing Why)  "If I could drive all night, would I find my peace of mind?"
The way the lyrics and music blend=perfection.

11) I'd Lie  "He loves to argue, and oh, it kills me."
This is probably one of Taylor's most popular unreleased songs, but it deserves to be since it's so darn good.

12) I Wished on a Plane  "Well I guess I wished on a plane that I thought was a star."
So much truth in those words.

13) Sweet Tea and God's Graces  "You can get high on a first kiss; You can get by on sweet tea and Jesus."
I'm not sure if it's my absolute favorite (there's, like, a tie between the last four), but it's really good.  Except all the videos I can find for it are pitched higher than Taylor's natural voice. :P I kind of like it when they pitch her voice just a touch lower.

So there you have it!  Emma's Top 13 Unreleased Taylor Swift songs.  What would be awesome is if she rerecorded some of these and put them together on an EP or on the rumored RED Platinum Edition.

April 20, 2013

Liebster Award-Again!

This time, I have The Human Guidebook to thank for the award. :)

First up, 11 facts about myself.  This is going to be fun, thinking of stuff y'all probably don't know yet.

1. I used to be super outgoing when I was younger.
2. I'm definitely a chatterbox when I've had sugar or if I'm just comfortable with the people I'm talking to.
3. This past year, I've really discovered that I have an interest in political science.
4. I'm allergic to sweet potatoes.
5. My style is a mix of trendy, classic, and Boho chic.
6. A couple of my favorite Bible verses are John 18:38 and Psalm 139:16.
7. I'd love to do the New York term or the Washington term that some of the colleges I'm interested in offer.
8. A large part of my life exists on one tiny flash drive.
9. I read part of Twilight once.  It killed my writing abilities for a week, and I really haven't been able to continue writing the stories I was working on when I read it.
10. My favorite Disney character is definitely Belle.
11. I would love to have Mary Costa's singing voice (she voiced Sleeping Beauty).

Nominate 11 bloggers, and notify them of their nomination!

Seana J. Vixen- http://seanajvixen.blogspot.com/
July A. Emmance- http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/
Hilda- http://hildald.blogspot.com/
Clare- http://littlemisscupcakecutie.blogspot.com/

And now I'm nominating anyone else who is reading this post!  Don't forget to link in the comments with your blog post. ;)

Now I have to answer the 11 questions HG asked me.

1. Do you collect anything, if so what? Yes, I collect smashed pennies on our trips.

2. What accent can you imitate the best? Probably Southern or British, although Kate has said I sometimes sound Scottish or Irish when I'm trying to sound British, haha.

3. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? I'd love to read minds.  It's pretty self-explanatory.

4. If you could live on any planet apart from Earth, where would you live and why? Well, none are suitable for life, so I'll stay on Earth, thank you very much. :)

5. What is your favourite cereal? (A bit random, I know)... Rice Krispies!

6. If you had a choice to go anywhere in the world for a day, where would you go and why? Paris. Because it's Paris.

7. If you had a choice to try any food in the world, what would you choose and why? I'm not sure!  I don't think I've had filet mignon yet, so I'd like to have that.

8. What are your pet hates? Pardon?  You mean my pet peeves?  Probably humming, nervous laughing, coughing (especially when it's me), and rap music, among other things.

9. Who is the person you most look up to in the world? Taylor Swift, a bit, but I don't really have a "role model."

10. What is your favourite type of weather to live in? When it feels like spring but without a ton of rain.

11. If you could have a house anywhere in the world, where would you have it and why? Kentucky horse country, Virginia, or the French countryside, all because those are beautiful places to live.

Now I have to ask 11 questions.

1. If you could create a fragrance (perfume), what would it smell like?
2. Do you fit any stereotypes?
3. What color do you absolutely hate?
4. If you had to choose between a boarding school or homeschooling, which would you choose?
5. Have you ever been out of the country?
6. Is there any celebrity couple you "ship"?
7. Have you visited any site featured in a book? (Such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)
8. Can you speak more than three words/phrases of another language?
9. Are you allergic to anything weird?
10. What's your "lucky" number?
11. What song gets on your nerves most: Psy's "Gangnam Style," Justin Bieber's "Baby," or Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"?

And just for fun, I'll answer my own questions in the comments. ;)

April 17, 2013

College Visits

So if you've been wondering where I am (probably not, haha), I'm on a week-long college road trip.  We're visiting three colleges in Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (so one per state).  We left Sunday morning (after I was up late at a Disney dance through my co-op) and drove all the way to Asbury in Kentucky.  A friend's older sister goes there, and I got to stay in her dorm on Monday night.  It's a beautiful campus.  I've always thought I'll move back to Virginia some day, but I just might have to live in Kentucky.  Horse country!  And the grass is sooooo green.  At Asbury, we met with an admissions counselor, went to chapel, ate lunch in the cafeteria, sat in on a creative writing class (I'll go more into detail about this later), and had a campus tour.  The media center there is super cool, and all of the buildings are amazing.  The ones on the main circle look classically Southern, sort of like an old plantation.

Another prospective (that's what visiting students are called) and I sat in on a creative writing class.  They're finishing up their final projects of the year, so they presented short stories or pieces of longer stories.  The students read their pieces aloud and gave us copies.  The other prospective and I got to critique their work, too, which of course I loved.

Asbury is definitely in my top 5 at the moment.  I got to visit the barn with N (the friend's older sister), since she's an equine management major.  I watched her work with her horses and I helped feed and groom a couple.

Yesterday, we visited Cincinnati.  It was one of the places my mom grew up (they moved a lot).  We ate at the Montgomery Boathouse on the Ohio River (really nice and good food), went up in the Carew Tower, went to the old Union Terminal and toured the history museum there (and I got a smashed penny for my collection and great ice cream), and then drove by my mom's old house.  I napped a lot yesterday-only got six hours of sleep in the dorm since N had a class at eight, and we needed to get me back to my parents' hotel.

Today, we're at Cedarville in Ohio.  The morning was busy (a presentation for prospectives, chapel, a campus tour, and lunch).  I had the option to visit a 1:00 class and a 2:00 class this afternoon, but I opted not to.  There were some nice ones (political science, history) but none that would be in my major here.  I've used the time to work on my English paper on cyber bullying and also history homework (we're on a 40-page chapter on the Cold War and other turmoil like that; there's nine sections of questions, and I still have three to go).  My paper is going surprisingly well.  I haven't started writing yet, but I've got three interviews, a personal statement from yours truly, and a few Internet sources.  I requested a book at the library, so I'll probably use that, too.

In just a bit, we're going on a dorm tour.  I'm a bit unsure about Cedarville.  It's a school with about 3,200 undergraduates, so that's kind of large for me.  In the cafeteria, it definitely felt bustling and chaotic, and I'm not sure how I'd fit in here.  A smaller school would probably be better.  I'm worried, though, because the size made me a bit anxious, and three of my top schools (because of their academic programs) are around this size.  I'm definitely praying God will help me feel more comfortable in a larger environment and guide me along the right path.  The writing programs and majors at Bethel, Benedictine, and Coe are definitely what would benefit me as a writer.  Asbury has a good program, though, too, so we'll see.  And I still have time until I decide.

Well, I'm going to sign off.  I'll probably post Friday, or maybe Saturday.  We're going to Geneva College in Pennsylvania tomorrow (That one is really low on my list.  In case you're wondering, my top 5 at the moment are Asbury, Bethel, Benedictine, Coe, and I'm still deciding on the fifth.  Maybe Bluefield or Gardner-Webb.), and then going to some town in Ohio on Friday.  I think it's where some president is from, but I can't remember which...

April 12, 2013

Insomnia and the Avengers

Since my cold is making it impossible to sleep, I've spent too much time on WeHeartIt finding Avengers gifs.


This is how I feel when my teacher calls on me in algebra class and everyone turn to look at me.

I can turn into an enormous green rage monster when someone hates on Taylor Swift, or I'm mad about something.  But no one is a huge fan of it.

If you hate on Taylor, the following two images aptly describe what Swifties will do.

And, finally...

Oh, you hate the Avengers?  Shall I repost one of the above images where bad things happen (or are about to happen)?

Yeah, Emma gets sassy when she has a cold, is up too late, and has a history test tomorrow.

April 11, 2013

Request for All of You

I'm writing an important English paper on cyber bullying, and I need to interview people for it.  I was hoping to get some statements from some of you!  So, if you've been cyber bullied (or...perhaps if you've cyber bullied someone), please email me at MDBCnumber1fan@gmail.com. I'll reply with some questions that I'll need honestly answered by next Friday (the 19th).  Please don't be afraid to step forward.  I can keep your identity anonymous in my paper, and nothing you say will go on my blog without permission.  I really need to interview at least two people.  Please email me soon!


April 5, 2013

School Uniforms

At the homeschool workshops (I often refer to it as a co-op, although it's truly not one) I attend every Friday, we are required to wear a polo in a certain color with the school's logo embroidered over the heart.  Now, when I first started attending this co-op, we had to wear a navy blue or light blue polo, and khakis, dress pants, or skirts to the knee or longer.  Now the rules are slightly less restrictive.  Polos can be one of a giant selection of colors (I have navy blue and light gray), we can wear jeans, and slightly shorter skirts.  However, all choices have to be appropriate and God-honoring.  I'm cool with that.  But what's hard is livening up a polo that is either too big or too small for me (I'm a very unique size, apparently).

So today I had an outfit idea.  And here it is.

I'm sporting the light gray polo, a hounds-tooth skirt, black leggings (to make the skirt appropriate for my co-op), a dark gray blazer (because the polo is too baggy), and a blue-and-gold flower necklace my friend gave me for my birthday (hi, Hannah!).  So there you have it-me trying my best to liven up my school uniform.  I feel very preppy and/or business-appropriate today.

April 2, 2013

April Fools and Why Taylor Swift Should Never Be Part of a Prank

So my dad came home last night and said he won Cubs tickets to opening day. (I wasn't not interested.) The tickets were for a luxury box. (I was mildly interested.) He said Taylor Swift is throwing out the first pitch and singing the national anthem. (I was definitely interested, but also a bit suspicious, since I know pretty much any news related to Taylor.) Then he proceeded to say she'll possibly make a stop by the luxury box. My mom got really excited (yeah, I'm turning her into a fan), but I was like, "Hold up."  I said, "It's April first.  Is this for real?"  Then my dad shouted "April Fools!" (and right in my face, to boot.) I was not amused.  Around our house, Taylor Swift should not be part of a prank because I adore her and her music so much.

My dad has proceeded to try and make it up to me (tonight, he brought me an apple pie square).  I've told him he still hasn't made up for pulling such a mean prank.  Any food he brings me only makes up for the luxury box (you get awesome food when you're in a luxury box at a Cubs' game).  He's got to be more creative to make up for the Taylor Swift stuff.

Aprils Fools Day usually isn't fun for me.  I don't mind harmless pranks (like hacking a friend's FB account) or when you tell your parents you got an F on a test (did that to my dad once) or switching the sugar and salt.  But when you pull a prank that could emotionally affect someone, well, I don't think that's cool.

So keep that in mind if you try to pull a prank on me next year. ;)