May 31, 2012

I'm Going to Camp...Online

The first day of Camp NaNoWriMo is tomorrow.  I'm hoping to do it in both June and August, and I'm very nervous for the June camp.  I was originally planning to start the next DoaH with this month (even though Cassie's story isn't completed yet), but I decided a book I've been dreaming up would be a better write for the month.  The problem?  I'm not sure if I can get the book to be 50,000 words. :-\ It's a modern fairytale, and I definitely need to work on fleshing out the story.  I have started writing it a bit, but that means I'll have more time in June to write more than the rewrite of the original.

Feel free to shoot me a message on the Camp NaNoWriMo website (13+ version), if you like!  I'm bookworm716.

May 26, 2012

I want to  Isn't amazing how certain songs, or at least certain lyrics, fit your life so well?  It's like the writer knew your own story.  I love how that happens a lot with Taylor Swift music for me.  I finished that book I want to keep near and dear to my heart, and I decided to start each chapter with a song lyric.  Seven start with a Taylor Swift lyric, two start with a line or two from the song "Life is Beautiful" (from October Baby), one starts with a lyric from "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson, and another has a lyric from this song from Victorious called "You're the Reason".  I'm not sure if all of the lyrics fit just right, but they feel good to me.

What song(s) fit your life best right now?  Would you ever use music like I did in a story?

May 24, 2012

Your Last Day

This morning, a sort-of friend (classmate/acquaintance) of mine lost her mom to cancer. :(  So that got me thinking about what I would do if I knew this was my last day on Earth.

Create a video diary, saying good-bye to everyone.
Quick write up a will (I want my iPad, books, etc. in good hands).
Make sure my books (the ones I've written) end up in the right hands.
Write a very expressive note to the president about how I feel the country should be run, and what's being done wrong.
Tell my BFF to use my college fund money and any other money I have to go to Paris for me.
Tell as many people I can about Jesus.

What would you do?

May 23, 2012


I want to see a show of hands-how many of you are writers?  Oh, wait...I can't see you.  Whoops!  Well, you can comment telling me. ;)

I want to hear about your writing process.  Do you get an idea, research everything about it, write your first draft, then edit, or do you get an idea, start writing it, research as you go along, and then edit, or what? :) For me, it's generally the latter of the two I just listed.  Sometimes I'll edit as I go along.

I keep having ideas for books!  It's very frustrating because then, usually, only one book gets attention for a couple weeks.  If I look at the list in my flash drive, I currently have eight unfinished stories.  And then there's about five more ideas!  I think part of my problem is I have stories that I have the most perfect idea for, but I can't fully get the idea out, so I let the story sit there.  I don't want to just toss the idea.  Eventually, if I can't figure out anything for it, I delete the story and its info.

I have finished stories.  Albeit, a lot of them are short.  But I've also finished my first MDBC fanfiction, and this book series (unpublished) called A Life of Faith: Grace Woodley.

How many books do you have finished? How many are unfinished?

May 19, 2012


I am running on a ton of energy.  Today was registration for next semester at my co-op and then our annual picnic.  My mom and I got there early, and two of my besties and I hung out outside.  Then my mom took us to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy (iTunes card, yay!), and Bath & Body Works (lip gloss, even better).  The picnic was great, too.  I hung out with my friends and felt totally relaxed and normal.  We talked, and took a walk around the pond at the park, and we raced each other a bit, too.  Out of the three races I think I won two, which is totally weird because I'm not normally that fast.  But I felt all this energy pulsing through my body, and that felt amazing.  We watched the guys play football and capture the flag, though, and at one point, one guy tried to leap over this fence, and he almost made it.  But then he fell. xD And Kate, Alisa, and I just about died laughing about that.

So, just a thinking question for y'all.  When do you feel most energized and why?  You can comment and tell me your answer, or you can just hold it close to you. ;)

May 14, 2012


I went shopping with my mom yesterday, for Mother's Day.  After we looked at stuff for me, I got bored waiting for her, so I pulled out my iPad (I had it so we could see what the two swimsuits I'd seen online looked like) and took note of all the trends I saw.  The way I determined if it was a trend or not was how many clothing pieces I saw featuring the trend.  So, here's what I came up with of "What's IN".

50s-style swimsuits (one-pieces with little swimskirts, halter-tie straps, and sweetheart necklines)
green (tons of pieces had some shade of green in them)
sweetheart necklines (not just in the swimsuits!)
Bohemian (the trend that never dies)
belts, sashes, and strips of dividing colors at the empire waist
one-shoulder tops and dresses

What do y'all think?  Do you like any of these trends?

May 9, 2012

I Have No Life

This is the moment when you should all be supportive and say, "Oh, no, I'm sure you have a life, Emma!" xD LOL, you don't have to.  I know I don't have a life.

Exhibit A: This morning, I did schoolwork.  This afternoon, I've been writing and listening to old music (specifically songs by Frank Sinatra).  What teenaged girl does that?!  Besides moi, of course.  I mean, the music is good, and I love, love, love writing.  But I could be socializing with my friends...if they weren't busy. 

I'd be busy, too, I suppose, if I liked social activities.  I usually run from social gatherings, just because I'm so shy.  I'll make a few exceptions for events at my co-op, like the dance this past Friday and other things.  But usually, I run for the hills.

That's why I'm so social online...except for chatting on Facebook.

So, are you very outgoing in real life or more shy?

May 5, 2012

Cinderella? More like Princess Emma. ;)

Tonight was my homeschool co-op's spring banquet and dance. I had the best time ever (which in't saying much, since this is only my second time going). But one friend made it absolutely amazing. She isn't afraid to be herself, and she made me braver tonight. One song that came on was "Footloose" and I just kicked off my Sunday shoes (LOL) and danced my heart out. I even got some compliments. :)  I had lots of fun. We homeschoolers tend to dance in big circles, LOL, and it's fun. And I felt like a princess in my dress and with my hair all done. Oh, and one of my besties and I jokingly danced to a couple slow dances together, just since no guy had asked us. xD I'm still going on tons of energy, so I'm off to write!

May 2, 2012

**Mother's Day**

Okay, readers, Mother's Day is in just about a week and a half.  I have that exact amount of time to decide on something to give my mom.  I can't spend any more than $10 because her birthday is this month, and I'll need to get her something for that, too. (And then there's Father's Day next month. :P Oy, too many gifts to buy!)  I'd like ideas.  She likes books and scrapbooking mostly.  I've given her lots of giftcards over the years, though, so I'd kind of like to avoid that.  I'll take ideas that don't cost money, too, if you'd be so kind. :) So let's start brainstorming!

May 1, 2012

Script Frenzy

Did I mention I finished my script?  Well, I did. ;) And now here for y'all to see is the chosen poster.

I chose the one done by Leah!  So, thanks, Leah. ;) And thank you, too, to Joelle and Amy.  They both created posters, as well.  Girls, your posters were great, but I ultimately chose Leah's. ;)

Now to send the poster to Heather Vogel Frederick...