April 29, 2012


It's now time for y'all to be able to read my next short story. ;)

Tell me-did you figure out before chapter four that Blair's parents were Darcy and Juliette?

Happy 100th Post!

Here's a special treat for all of you (so let's hope it works).  I might've mentioned that I love fashion design.  I have this thing called Paper Fashions by Klutz, and they make non-artistic me, well, artistic!  It comes with stencils so I can trace those to create my designs.  Anyways, I put together a vid on Windows Live Movie Maker of some of my faves, so let's hope this works. ;)

April 25, 2012

Let's Talk About Books

And this time, we won't be talking about mine. ;) Too many good books have come out lately.  I don't have enough money for them, and it's annoying.  There's two Warriors books, and Robin Jones Gunn has written a fourth Katie Weldon book (squee!), and now there's a new Canterwood Crest book coming out in...6 days. :P I'm getting my allowance right before the Canterwood Crest book, so I'll probably purchase that one (otherwise I'll feel terribly out of the loop).  And I guess I'll just have to ask for the other three for my birthday.

And then there's the matter of reading books.  I'm re-reading MDBC (for the, oh, twenty-fifth time), and then I want to read all the Canterwood Crest books before May 1st.  Normally, I could do this easily (since I'm halfway through Dear Pen Pal) but I feel so busy!  I have schoolwork, and script-writing, and regular writing, and FaceTiming with friends, and tons of other stuff.  Blast my busy life.  God obviously made the days 24 hours long, but couldn't he have given us a couple hours in the day?  Or maybe made us need less sleep?  My busy schedule has given me less time for blogging, too, and I love blogging!  Now I'm out of time, so talk to you in the next post, readers. ;) It's going to be the 100th!!!

April 19, 2012

Lights, Camera...Action!

Oh, yes, and since my brain is being so forgetful, I forgot to ask yesterday if anyone is good at graphic designing (besides Amy; I've already got her bogged down with one project; I don't want to add another).  I'm doing Script Frenzy (woot-woot!), and I'd love to do a movie poster.  You need to be pretty good.  Your work needs to look professional.  You need to be able to edit color, edit in words, etc.  Because I'm doing a screenplay for the first book in The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, and its poster needs to look SMASHING.  If I absolutely love what you created, I'll be sending it to Heather Vogel Frederick (with credit to you, duh). ;)

If I have more than one person ask to design for me, I'll do a graphic-off (you'll each design the movie poster, and I'll choose the one I like best).

Hope to hear from you soon!

April 18, 2012

A New Story

So, guess what's going to be coming soon?  That's right!  A new story I've written.  And it's got another awesome cover designed by Amy (thank you very much).

I have a cold right now, so that's putting a damper on getting caught up with schoolwork.  I just don't feel up to working.  I'm trying, though.  So, I'm praying for a quick recovery (not too quick, though; I'd like to miss biology on Friday since my teacher has planned a crawfish dissection :P).

The next post is going to be a very special one....

April 14, 2012

School :P

So, it's been awhile since I blogged (almost two weeks).  I've been busy trying to catch up with my schoolwork.  And I'm mostly caught up!  Well, in history, literature, and Bible.  I'm way behind in French, and I'm still pretty behind in theater.  It's pretty frustrating, but my mom made a deal with me, so that's helping me stay motivated.

Any tips to stay focused?  French is so tedious, I can only handle so much of it at once. :P I also need studying tips.  I can only take quizzes and tests when my mom is home, so that means I have limited time, but if I can study harder, I can do better.  So, studying tips are definitely needed!