February 29, 2012

Poll Results

Okay, so, Charlotte, Luke, and Nicholas (Nick) were the winners of the poll.  However, I decided to go with Blair for my main character's name.  I randomly found a connection with it.  Eventually, I'm going to have another poll about them (and it's an important one).  Y'all better make the right decision on this poll!

In other news, I'll be posting Night Black & Snow White soon for y'all. ;) I think it's gonna be a good one.  For now, though, I'll be leaving off the epilogue.  You'll learn why soon enough.

Leap Day

Since it's Leap Day, I decided I would do something special.  I'll finally tell you the story Chuck told us!

All right, so he was a teen in the 1960s.  He started high school and was late to his homeroom on the very first day (because of bullies).  When he walked in, he immediately saw this girl, and he claims his jaw just dropped.  He was instantly in love.  So, Chuck obsessively tried to woo this girl.  He sang to her at lunch, he found out her schedule so he could "stalk" her (stalking wasn't illegal back then), and he constantly asked her out.  It took about two years, but she finally said yes.  They dated for a bit, and one day, when they were standing on his front porch, she told him she wanted to break up.  He couldn't understand why, so, as she was walking away, he said, "If you break up with me, I'll..."  And she turned around and said, "You'll do what?" "I'll kill myself!" was his response.  She just rolled her eyes and walked away.  Just at that moment, a car started coming down the street.  Chuck decided to make it look as if he'd gotten hit by the car.  But his timing was completely off, so he ended up face-planting on the front windshield.  The driver slammed on the brakes, and Chuck went flying.  The girl didn't even come help him.  But you wanna know something?  That girl is now his wife.

Of course, I can't tell it quite like Chuck did.  I condensed it a bit, and just the facial expressions and stuff that Chuck added made it twice as funny.

February 26, 2012

Character Poll

So I'll be giving y'all book 4 to read soon!  But while you're waiting, I need you to vote on a new poll or two.  It's for a new story. ;) BTW, there are three polls, so please make sure to vote in all three!

Oh, yes, and Amy, I have lost your e-mail address and need to contact you again.  If you still have mine, e-mail me, or you can post a comment here with your e-mail address. ;) (I won't post the comment, of course.)

February 23, 2012

Biology Paper

So, as my little bio says, I like writing anything, even papers for school.  Well, right now I'm working on a 20-page biology paper.  It's due in mid-April, with the rough draft due mid-March.  That means I have about 3 weeks left to work on it, and I have about 11 pages to write still (approximately 11 pages, since we can have up to three pages of pictures, drawings, charts, and graphs).  We could do two topics in the same paper, so I'm doing domestic cats and Eurasian lynxes. (I'm hoping, however, that I'll only be doing domestic cats because it would be awkward to have, say, 14 pages on domestic cats and only 3-5 on Eurasian lynxes, LOL.)  Anyways, right now I should be working on the section about a cat's health; instead, I'm going back and working on the section about genetics.  I found a good book on domestic cats at the library, and inside it, it has a chart on short-haired and long-haired genes.  I decided to include that in my report, along with Punnett squares (for those of you who don't know what those are, they are a square divided into four mini squares that can often determine the genes for if a certain species has four offspring).  I am not a big genetics studier.  For the most part, it bores me.  But doing those Punnett squares and figuring out the recessiveness of the long-haired fur gene in cats was so cool!  I think my biology teacher is going to love that I could get so excited about something like this.

Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about the story about the speaker at the retreat. ;) I'll tell it sometime this weekend.

February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

So before I give myself a smack over the head for wallowing in my self-pity of not having a guy who likes me that way, let's talk about the holiday!  Usually, my dad takes both my mom and me out for dinner; but this year, we're waiting until tomorrow, and my mom is doing the treating because she's getting her first paycheck from her new job.  I made my parents some nice cards they'll get tonight, though, and I know my mom has something for both my dad and me, and my dad has chocolates for my mom (she found out about those, though, because he left the receipt out on their dresser *rolls eyes*).  Now back to being alone on Valentine's Day.  It's why the stuff we studied in the Bible last night at small group has really helped and had such great timing.  It talked about how we shouldn't depend on guys (or girls, if you're a guy) for happiness.  Instead, we should depend on God.  So, I'm just going to remember that each Valentine's Day that I'm alone.  And maybe it'll help me watch my favorite romantic movies without feeling depressed.  Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! :) Because, it's not just a celebration of romantic love; it's a celebration of friendship love, too.  And the vast majority of you readers and commenters deserve some thanks for your kindness. :)

February 11, 2012

~*~Blue Despair~*~

Here it is!  Book three!  Comments are going to be reopened.  I trust you all will post responsibly and kindly.  I will accept gentle criticism.  You all are not real book critics.  It isn't kind to tear into something I've worked very hard on.  And let me remind you, I do not have to share these stories with you.  I could keep them to myself.  Leah or Gabby, notify Paige this is posted and let me know when she's seen it.  This should stay posted until about Monday afternoon.  Maybe sooner, maybe later.

~Leaving this up so everyone can see my comment at the bottom~

February 9, 2012

New HVF Book!

No, it's not MDBC, unfortunately. :( That's coming out in September.  But she has written another book that will be released in April, and she's running a contest where, if we blog about her post, we'll get an extra contest entry.

Once Upon a Toad is Heather Vogel Frederick's new book.  It's a fractured fairytale-very cool.  The cover (at least the one we've seen) reminds me of the MDBC books: it's got a girl on the cover with something on her head.  Except, instead of books, it's a frog.

This book is going to be tres interesting.  I look forward to it, and I hope you will check it out as well because we all know I'll blog about it. ;)

February 8, 2012


It's a classic skill many people have employed over the centuries.  I myself have used it multiple times in the years I've been alive (but mostly in the past 5 years).  Today, I found myself multitasking yet again.  I was eating French fries, while working on my biology paper and also role-playing.  Okay, so I was only eating and doing one of those things at the same time, but I had both the role-playing and my bio paper open at the same time.  It's very useful.  Eat a French fry, type a few sentences in report, then reply to RP partner.  And repeat!  Just food for thought. ;)

February 6, 2012

A Miracle

Have I mentioned that I'm in a small group through my church youth group?  Well, I am.  And this year, my small group leader is a young mom (married, of course).  And she and her husband are now expecting twins.  Well, about a month ago, they found out one of the twins wasn't doing very well.  His fluid-what babies use to grow and strengthen their lungs-was very, very low.  And the doctors were saying he didn't have much chance of survival. :( It was pretty devastating for my small group leader and her husband.  But this past Tuesday, she had another appointment, and guess what?  Baby B's (that's what the doctors call him since he'll be born second) fluid level is pretty normal now!  God works in mysterious ways, and this is one of them.  One doctor told my small group leader that it's very rare for a baby's fluid level to increase...but Baby B's has.  God definitely has made a miracle happen.  There's still a chance that it could drop, I think, and his growth rate might not be as high as Baby A's.  But there's a lot more hope now... God is definitely awesome.

February 1, 2012

Book Three!

Since I've removed comments, I'll be waiting to post book three until I reinstate them because I do appreciate the kind comments and the kind critiquing.  I'd say it'll be up around...February 17th?  I'd have to check to see when my youth group's winter retreat is because we aren't allowed any technology.  I'm probably going to bring my iPod anyway, but just for quiet time.  It's only a Nano, so I can't get Internet, anyways.

Still working on book four!  Amy finished the cover (it turned out AH-MAZING!), and I've got it mostly written, but I have to finish typing it up, finish the epilogue, and make all revisions.