July 19, 2011

The MDBC Characters! (And an Announcement)

Jess.  Cassidy.  Megan.  Emma.  Becca.  If you've read The Mother-Daughter Book Club before, those names should sound VERY familiar. ;) Those are the five main girls in the series.  And they're each on the cover of one of the books (in the order I listed them).  Now I'll talk more about each girl (all info is mainly based on book 1, so as not to spoil things later in the series ;)).

Jessica "Jess" Delaney-Jess is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, petite and lives on a farm a short distance outside of Concord, Massachusetts (where the books are set).  She loves music, science, and animals, and this is evidenced in all the books thus far.  In book one, her mom is off in New York as an actress, and Jess misses her a ton.  She's also, perhaps, the shyest of the group.
Cassidy Ann Sloane-Cassidy is the new girl in town (she, her mom, and her sister just moved from Laguna Beach, California).  With red hair, freckles, and gray eyes, she definitely doesn't fit in.  Especially because she's a mega-tomboy.  She played hockey back in CA, but now her mom won't let her.
Megan Rose Wong-Megan and Emma used to be good friends, but ever since Megan's dad became a billionaire, there's been a great barrier between the girls.  Megan is Asian-American.  She loves clothes and fashion designing.  Her mom, however, wants her to be the "typical Chinese-American girl" (a.k.a., studious, well-mannered, etc.).  Megan is pretty well-behaved, but she doesn't like school very much.  She also likes book club the least of the four girls (at least, in book one ;)).
Emma Jane Hawthorne-Emma has curly, short brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses.  She's a total bookworm and loves writing (poetry and stories).  She's also...a bit on the chubby side.  She and Jess are the favorite targets of the Fab Three (Becca and her two cronies, Ashley and Jen).  Jess is her best friend.
Rebecca "Becca" Louise Chadwick-Becca is the school's mean girl.  She adores boys, clothes, and being popular.  She befriended Megan once Megan became rich, but their friendship is more than just about money.  However, Becca has influenced Megan to be quite mean.  Can either of them change?

So, that's the main characters of MDBC (excluding the moms).  Now for my announcement!  I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, so there will be no new blog posts for a week.  But I might post pictures of my trip when I get back! (Pictures that keep mine and my family's privacy, of course.) I can, however, tell you where I'm going-Minnesota! :) We have family up there that we're going to visit.  And if the heat would relent a bit, we'll do more than just hang out around the house. ;P TTFN! :)

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