February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Since it's Leap Day, I decided I would do something special.  I'll finally tell you the story Chuck told us!

All right, so he was a teen in the 1960s.  He started high school and was late to his homeroom on the very first day (because of bullies).  When he walked in, he immediately saw this girl, and he claims his jaw just dropped.  He was instantly in love.  So, Chuck obsessively tried to woo this girl.  He sang to her at lunch, he found out her schedule so he could "stalk" her (stalking wasn't illegal back then), and he constantly asked her out.  It took about two years, but she finally said yes.  They dated for a bit, and one day, when they were standing on his front porch, she told him she wanted to break up.  He couldn't understand why, so, as she was walking away, he said, "If you break up with me, I'll..."  And she turned around and said, "You'll do what?" "I'll kill myself!" was his response.  She just rolled her eyes and walked away.  Just at that moment, a car started coming down the street.  Chuck decided to make it look as if he'd gotten hit by the car.  But his timing was completely off, so he ended up face-planting on the front windshield.  The driver slammed on the brakes, and Chuck went flying.  The girl didn't even come help him.  But you wanna know something?  That girl is now his wife.

Of course, I can't tell it quite like Chuck did.  I condensed it a bit, and just the facial expressions and stuff that Chuck added made it twice as funny.


  1. Wow. Love is a crazy, crazy thing. Beautiful...but crazy.

  2. WOW! Love made him do that crazy thing! well at least they got married!

  3. That is such a hilarious story! The first part sounds like my old Youth Group leader kind of stalking his now-wife xD


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