March 19, 2012


Have any of you seen this the ABC Family TV show, Jane by Design?  I have, and it's pretty good.  There's some objectionable content, but I love all the fashion.  Recently, I hopped on ABC Family's website and found out they had an album of all of Jane's outfits.  I practically went "Squee!", haha.  Just wanted to show you a couple of my favorites. ;)

What I like about this outfit: It's basically an LBD (Little Black Dress) with a twist. It's got a vintage-y look, and Jane's necklace livens up the simple top.

That dress... O.O Gorgeousness wrapped in retro-chic.  I would wear that, if it came in my size.  Not sure where, but I'd definitely wear it, haha.

If I wasn't so darn tiny (barely out of kids' sizes, to my chagrin), this is similar to what I'd love to wear every time I go out in public.  Dark-wash jeans, a classy blouse, and probably some amazing high-heeled boots.  Epicness. <3


  1. I love them. :] Although, I haven't seen the show before; it seems cute though. I got my very first LBD for my former pastors' daughter's wedding! I got it at American Eagle, because my sister saw it and pointed it out(she works there). They have some seriously awesome deals going on, ATM. Not to have any free advertising going on or anything. (;

    Ahaha. Anyway, cute outfits!

  2. Cute! I really like the first dress a lot! The others aren't really my style... actually none of them are (I just like the first one)... but they are all cute! Actually the last one looks like something my extremely stylish teacher would wear.... good taste in style Emma!

  3. Those are really cute! :) I'm still in kids sizes...:)

  4. Not really my style but the first one's cute. :)

  5. I TOTALLY LOVE THE LBD!! the other ones arent really my
    style... they are still stylish though! Ugh i am just barely out of kids sizes to which sucks... Oh well maybe i can push my mom to spend some money on me and get one tailor made!!

    (BTW, sry i havent been on for a while i've been on vacation plus this was on my sisters b-day)


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