March 1, 2012

First Post of March!

Happy March to y'all!  My BFFE's b-day is coming up this month, and I still have to find a gift for her.  I have a few weeks still.  But as a special treat, here is the last book in Juliette's series! 


  1. I'm am incredibly happy that Juliette and Darcy are together! I was freaking out there when Darcy proposed to Tatum! =O Juliette's gonna have a baby which is totally awesome as well. This last book in your series, Emma, is the best! The title suits the story, and the plot was excellent. I didn't spot any typos, so great job editing!

  2. AHHH! I knew it! I knew they would get back together! Just kidding... I didn't :) I was so sad when your last book ended and now I'm super happy! It was a little hard for me to adjust to them being married but I think you made your whole series very realistic. I LOVE how you based it on Taylor Swift songs... that is such a cool idea. You ARE a writer and I wish I could write as good as you do.

    The only thing I was confused about is when you said this
    "He had asked Darcy and Juliette if they could propose to Adelaide that night, and they had given their permission."
    What did you mean when you said "if they could propose to Adelaide?" Shouldn't it be "if he could propose to Adelaide?" Maybe I'm wrong ;)

    You could totally write a whole nother book too in my opinion! I kinda hope you do even though this is the last one... I really want to know how their jobs go and what they name their baby!

    1. Nope, it's a typo. *heads off to fix it* xD

      Actually, their story is finalized in the epilogue, but I've chosen not to release that for y'all yet. ;) You'll understand soon enough why.

  3. YAAY i am so happy that Juliette and Darcy ended up together!!!! OMG you created a perfect amount of suspense for everything I loved it!!! I give you two thumbs up!!

  4. Thats such a sweet story! Thanks for the early birthday present!:)

  5. *SNIFF* that was perfect......:)


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