June 3, 2012

Weekend Writing

So how has NaNo writing been going for all of you doing it?  We've made it through the first weekend!  I was hoping to have 10% of my novel done by this point.  I'm close to that, but I didn't meet that goal. :( I'm just going to have to try harder!  Of course I lost writing time this morning with church, but going to church is a small price to pay for missing writing time.  I love nursery duty and my pastor gives amazing sermons.

If you're doing Camp NaNoWriMo, I'd love to hear about your writing strategies and goals.  Maybe all of us writers can share ideas?

For me, my main plan is to write by hand and then type it up as I go.  I'm planning to mostly type whenever I'm kind of dead on how to keep the plot going.  I've decided I'll hand-count my word count each day, even though it's excruiatingly painful to do so (and my final count was probably seriously inaccurate).

My family's annual girls' weekend is coming up in just three weeks!  Every year, my grandma, my three aunts, my two female cousins, my mom, and me (all on my mom's side) go out to Lake Okoboji in Iowa.  One of my aunts has a condo out there, so we stay right on the lake and swim and visit Arnolds Park and have a seriously good time.  It's, like, an 8-hour car drive, though.  Boring but parfait for writing, especially by hand!  Woo-hoo!  Maybe it'll help me surpass my word count goal! ('Course I said that about the drive out to my aunt's regular house in Iowa for Thanksgiving this past year and it didn't really work, haha).  But this year I'm determined to make it work!

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  1. I remember seeing the NanoWritng thing but I don't use it. I have a different way of writing. But I did like the worksheets they have on how to build your story.


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