July 17, 2012

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. :) It was a fairly nice day.  I got an iTunes card in the mail from my aunt, uncle, and three cousins, so I got a lot of Taylor Swift music with that, haha.  My grandparents gave me two seasons of The Cosby Show.  My parents gave me a personal pie maker, a Miche bag with my first shell to go with it (and the shell looks similar to the Burberry print :D), and ____ presidential dollars with ____ things they love about me (the blanks are where my age goes, but I'm not sharing that over the Internet).

I bought my new laptop yesterday, too.  My mom had to work in the afternoon, but I got to spend time with her in the morning, and she made a yummy dinner (a dish called tuxedo pasta; it's chicken with bowtie pasta and various veggies).  I got to FaceTime with Kate for at least an hour.

Just a couple of downers.
1) No kitten. (I was still clinging to that hope, lol.)
More that I can't remember...

It wasn't my best birthday ever, but it was pretty nice. :)

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your birthday besides the two downers.


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