September 18, 2012

My Vacation!

So right now I'm on a lovely vacation in Door County, WI. We're at a great hotel in Sturgeon Bay, and we've gone a lot of places on the peninsula. We got here Saturday and explored the town (it's changed a bit since we were last here, like, 7 years ago). We had dinner at a great restaurant, and I got this amazing salmon that came with this INCREDIBLE seasoned rice. Then yesterday we went over to Washington Island where one of my besties vacations every summer (hi, Alisa!). We went to the Danish Mill (a bakery) on her recommendation. They have some great baked goods there. We drove around the island, and saw where Alisa's family's cabin is, and went up in a lookout tower (lots of stairs, great view), and then took the ferry back. We went to a few of the towns on the way back to Sturgeon Bay, and we went to a restaurant in Fish Creek for dinner. I'm going to rave about the restaurant, so if you're not interested, skim ahead. xD It's called the Cookery. The architecture of the building is very pretty on the outside, and I loved the decor on the inside. I got walleye, and it was a little spicy, but I'm kind of sensitive to things being spicy. xD It came garnished with lime slices so I used that to even out the heat. It came with a baked red potato, which tasted fabulous. (If you skimmed, this is where you should start reading again.) Today, my parents went to a county park and hiked for a couple hours. I stayed back at the hotel because I'm fighting a cold, and I wasn't feeling too well this morning. So I worked on homework (I have a lot from my co-op, bluck :P) and watched Once Upon a Time (my new show addiction). This afternoon, just as it started to rain, we went shopping. Most of the stores were pretty boring to me, but we went to this pet shop (it didn't have any actual pets for sale), and I got an awesome travel mug for my tea to take to co-op. We chatted with the store owner while she rang up our purchase, and she asked if I had any pets. I told her about Sunny, and then I told her about volunteering at the animal shelter. She generously gave me a free bag of cat treats to take to the kitties there! :) That was so nice of her, and I really appreciated it. I always love having new, special things for the cats there. Well, that's all...except some pictures! :)

Sunset on Sturgeon Bay.

View of Washington Island from the ferry.

View from the lookout tower on the island.

View down the stairs from the top of the hill at the lookout tower (sorry that it's sideways :P).

Rainy view from my car window at one of the antique stores we had to visit for my dad. I love the raindrops and storm clouds.

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