December 22, 2012

What An Adorable Blog! Award

Another award, woo-hoo!

Now to answer the four questions...

Q1  If you were stranded on a beach in the middle of no-where, which three people would you have with you? 
Kate because she's good for pretty much anything, Hannah since she makes me laugh, and Heather Vogel Frederick so we could write awesome books together.

Q2  Which celebrity would you love to meet?
I'm sure everyone knows the answer to this.  Taylor Swift.

Q3  If you won one million ponds/euros/dollars - whatever, what would you spend it on?
College; a trip to Paris, London, Denmark, Finland, and Italy; Taylor Swift tickets, One Direction tickets, a nice house, fund some missionaries...

Q4  Pick two people you can't live without. 

My mom and one of my friends, but I'm not saying who, because I don't want anyone feeling left out.

I'm too tired to have any reasons for nominating them, so this will be short and sweet.
Gabby's World
Hannah the Banana
Mollie's Musings
Hilda's blog


  1. I tagged you for another thing :)

  2. I got my blog idea from yours!
    Please don't accuse me of copyright.


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