January 4, 2013

My Friday...How Do I Describe It?

If I divide my day by class periods, then I had four good class periods (including lunch) and two meh ones (including chapel).

Shakespeare was fun, of course.  It's my favorite class this year.
English was meh since we learned something "new" (that wasn't new to me or to anyone who took this "Great Books" class).
Lunch was fun.  
Algebra was...insanely amazing.  That's crazy, right?  I hate math.  I think I've made that clear.  But I caught onto all the concepts quickly and felt very smart.  
History was good.  We took a test, and since I finished so quickly with mine (like, 10 minutes), my teacher graded it before class was over.  I only missed one problem and I got over one hundred because of extra credit questions.

So, yeah, I'm definitely riding on a high right now.  Let's just hope everything doesn't come crashing down this weekend.

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