April 23, 2013

Unreleased Songs

So if you follow me on Twitter, you might've noticed that I said last night I'd be blogging about Taylor Swift's unreleased songs.  And that is what I'm doing.  So here is a list of my top 13 faves.

1) American Boy  "American boy, living in the real world, trying just to get the girl."
There's a lot of theories that this is about Taylor's dad instead of a guy.  Either way, it's a super sweet song.

2) Making Up for Lost Love  "And that small town daydream lasted all night."
Every version I've heard of it, Taylor's voice isn't the best, but I love the lyrics.

3) Live for the Little Things  "Wish upon a star and give the moon a smile; pretending, defending, take a risk, and go along for the ride; strawberries and fairies with wings."
I love how sweet this song is.

4) Didn't They  "Down the aisle, three men walked, said, 'We're here to die for our god.' He stood up and said, 'That's funny, 'cause my God died for me.'"
This isn't one of my favorite songs, but the lyric above really stands out to me. (Taylor wrote this song about 9/11, btw.)

5) Your Anything  
Go watch the officialtaylorguitar version on YouTube.  I'm serious.  It's live, and her voice is near perfect.  Plus, who doesn't love seeing sixteen year old Taylor?

6) Brought Up That Way  "God, I didn't bring her up to lay her down."
One of Taylor's most emotional songs.  If you're not already a TS fan, this song could probably make you one.

7) Cross My Heart  "I pray for you and me and hope I'm right."
I actually just heard this song this morning for the first time, and it's really good.  I think you can probably notice-if you listen to the songs on this list-how much the music sounds like Taylor's old country style.  But what truly makes Taylor's songs country is the lyrics and the way they tell a story.

8) We Were Happy  "Talking 'bout your daddy's farm, and you were gonna marry me."
Classic country, and it's a pretty song, to boot.

9) Dark Blue Tennessee  "Missing you like this is such sweet sorrow."
Not much to say, except go listen to it. :)

10) Drive All Night (also known as Just South of Knowing Why)  "If I could drive all night, would I find my peace of mind?"
The way the lyrics and music blend=perfection.

11) I'd Lie  "He loves to argue, and oh, it kills me."
This is probably one of Taylor's most popular unreleased songs, but it deserves to be since it's so darn good.

12) I Wished on a Plane  "Well I guess I wished on a plane that I thought was a star."
So much truth in those words.

13) Sweet Tea and God's Graces  "You can get high on a first kiss; You can get by on sweet tea and Jesus."
I'm not sure if it's my absolute favorite (there's, like, a tie between the last four), but it's really good.  Except all the videos I can find for it are pitched higher than Taylor's natural voice. :P I kind of like it when they pitch her voice just a touch lower.

So there you have it!  Emma's Top 13 Unreleased Taylor Swift songs.  What would be awesome is if she rerecorded some of these and put them together on an EP or on the rumored RED Platinum Edition.

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