April 25, 2012

Let's Talk About Books

And this time, we won't be talking about mine. ;) Too many good books have come out lately.  I don't have enough money for them, and it's annoying.  There's two Warriors books, and Robin Jones Gunn has written a fourth Katie Weldon book (squee!), and now there's a new Canterwood Crest book coming out in...6 days. :P I'm getting my allowance right before the Canterwood Crest book, so I'll probably purchase that one (otherwise I'll feel terribly out of the loop).  And I guess I'll just have to ask for the other three for my birthday.

And then there's the matter of reading books.  I'm re-reading MDBC (for the, oh, twenty-fifth time), and then I want to read all the Canterwood Crest books before May 1st.  Normally, I could do this easily (since I'm halfway through Dear Pen Pal) but I feel so busy!  I have schoolwork, and script-writing, and regular writing, and FaceTiming with friends, and tons of other stuff.  Blast my busy life.  God obviously made the days 24 hours long, but couldn't he have given us a couple hours in the day?  Or maybe made us need less sleep?  My busy schedule has given me less time for blogging, too, and I love blogging!  Now I'm out of time, so talk to you in the next post, readers. ;) It's going to be the 100th!!!


  1. Don't you hate it when there are juicy books you want to get piling on you? The hard part is choosing which one to choose next. That happened to me, hehe!

    Can't wait to hear from you again. Take care! :D

    1. Agreed! Last fall, I had to choose between Home for the Holidays and The Son of Neptune. I bet y'all can guess which one I went with... ;D (I probably blogged about it, too.)

    2. Let me guess...Home for the Holidays? ;)


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