April 14, 2012

School :P

So, it's been awhile since I blogged (almost two weeks).  I've been busy trying to catch up with my schoolwork.  And I'm mostly caught up!  Well, in history, literature, and Bible.  I'm way behind in French, and I'm still pretty behind in theater.  It's pretty frustrating, but my mom made a deal with me, so that's helping me stay motivated.

Any tips to stay focused?  French is so tedious, I can only handle so much of it at once. :P I also need studying tips.  I can only take quizzes and tests when my mom is home, so that means I have limited time, but if I can study harder, I can do better.  So, studying tips are definitely needed!


  1. If find that if I make little deals with muskeg it really helps. Like I will say, "okay finish math homework and you can read one chapter in your book," or you know something along those lines. It makes ne want to get stuff done so that I can do something fun.

  2. I set a timer at my desk, and then accomplish as much as I can in one hour. Then, I take a little 10-15 minute break to do something fun, or get a drink of water, or take a jog around the house, and then....study some more! Hope this helps!

  3. I think that both of you have the best ideas! That was what I was gonna say. Oh well, great minds think alike right? Good luck Emma!

  4. First of all, play webkinz (or any other sites you use) in French. Because you probably already have everything memorized in English, you'll be able to follow along and pick up on things. If you're doing something you love, you have a much higher chance at retaining information.
    I know it's probably hard to do this as a homeschooler, but conversation really helps as well. Whenever you find that you're talking to yourself, translate whatever you just said into French so you're always practicing.
    I think that with language, doing the work just doesn't cut it. You need to have a lot of interaction in order to learn and remember things.

  5. How about using index cards to make flash cards? Or using a few French words on your family? "Like Merci, mom." Or any creative way that you think will help you, go for it! :) Best of luck! You can do it! :D

    1. I actually do that all the time. I'll say "merci", "au revoir" "s'il vous plait", etc.


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