July 7, 2012

Hi Seana!

So one of my lovely followers, Seana, tagged me for an award she won.  I now have to answer ten questions.  Oh, boy....

1) If you could enter the world of your favorite book, which book would you pick? Just...one? :( I think it would be fun to be a warrior cat in Warriors, one of the girls in the book club of The Mother-Daughter Book Club, or ride horses in Canterwood Crest.
2) If I told you there was a rampaging unicorn coming your way, what would you do? Probably use the Minotaur-avoiding technique Sally Jackson taught Percy: jump out of the way at the last second.
3) What do you do for fun? Practically everything but schoolwork.  I write for fun, hang out with friends for fun, help in the church nursery for fun (plus, I couldn't stop now because the kids we have are sweet and adorable).
4) Who do you consider to be your role model? My mom, Taylor Swift, and Madeleine McAulay (Google Madeleine if you haven't heard of her yet).
5) What is your favorite mythical creature? Naids and dryads are really cool.
6) Do you have a favorite place where you like to read, write, or do whatever it is you do? My room, mostly.  There's this little window on the landing of the stairs going up to my room, and it could be a nice place to read and write, but the carpet there is rough, and there's no place really to lean...
7) Do you enjoy cooking, or is it a disaster zone when you cook? Oh, I love to bake and cook!  I'm not terrific at it, but it is fun.
8) What is the most frightening dream you've had? Well, it's probably kind of silly now, but I recently had a dream where my mom was kidnapped, I was being stalked, and my friends and I were basically running for our lives/
9) If you just had one day to live, what would you do? I did a blog post on this.  Here's the link to it: http://bookworm716.blogspot.com/2012/05/your-last-day.html
10) I'd wager you're sick of answering these questions by now.  What would you rather be doing? Writing (if I could get the ideas to flow...), hanging out with friends, or talking with a certain someone...

There, done. :)


  1. I would totally want to go be in Canterwood Crest... Or be in The gallagher girls books.

    1. Um, not Gallagher Girls for me. Too much danger. :P


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