August 25, 2012

Lunch With the Gal Pals

So for today's fashion, I'm doing not one, but four, outfits!  After all, why just do one of the girls out to lunch when I could do four? :)

Here's the first!

Tank=$25 at
Blouse=$48 at
Jeans=$120 at
Shoes=$33 at
Bag=$385 at

Outfit number two coming up!

Tank (under the shirt)=$28 at
Top=$23 at
Shorts=$23 at
Sandals=$30 at
Bag=$295 at

Ready for the third outfit?  Brace yourself, because the purse is seriously expensive. (Seriously, I didn't realize it was so pricey when I put it in the outfit!)

Dress=$90 at
Shoes=$26 at
Bag=$1,195 at

Told ya that price on the bag was killer.

And now the fourth and final outfit. :)

Dress=$53 at
Sweater/Jacket/Wrap-thing (xD)=$14 at
Sandals=$9.99 at
Bangles=$18 at

Also, if you're interested in any outfit pieces-in previous outfits, ones in this post, or ones in the future outfits-(like interested in looking into buying them), just comment and let me know, and I can grab the design name for you so you can hopefully find the item. :) (Or I can try to link to the site.)


  1. *stares bug-eyedly at Outfit #2*
    It. :}

    The shirt has a sweet pattern and the shoes are to die for!

    And you're right. Why one, when you can do four?

  2. I love that second top!
    Good job as always!

  3. Do you have the design for those grey flats in the third outfit? They are really cute.

    1. The shoes are called Jillian Denim Flats. :)

  4. What's your username on Polyvore? I want to like some of your collections!! :) I just got on today, and it is seriously fun!! :D

    1. I honestly don't remember, lol. I think it's futureauthor, and I don't have a profile picture. If you can't find me, you might have to tell me your username. :)

  5. Hmm....I can't find you! My name is tinydancer118! :) I don't have a profile pic either...


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