January 18, 2013

NaNo Book Update

Hey, everyone, just wanted to do a quick update about my NaNo book, talk about writing, and a couple other things!

1) So far three people have submitted questions for the Q&A.  I'm going to give it through the weekend, and then I'll answer them. :)

2) My NaNo book.  The good news: I'm still actively writing in it, even if it's just for fifteen minutes a day.  I'm definitely to the part where the conflict is becoming evident-although not so much in the scenes I'm at right now.  The bad news: It's taking me way too long (in my opinion) to finish this darn thing, and I already have sequel ideas. :P Don't you fellow writers hate when that happens???

3) What I love doing is basing things in my books off of my real life.  For instance, there's a short scene I just wrote in my NaNo book where my main character and one of her friends are jamming out to VeggieTales songs, something I've been doing these last few days.  Also, this is an appropriate time to share this picture:

I'll so be doing that some day.  Anyways, a lot of my characters are based on people I know in real life or they're a mix of people in my life.  For example, the main character is pretty much an exact copy of me.  Looks, personality, likes, dislikes.  She's different in some ways, but anyone who is close to me in real life might just start calling my m.c. Clone Emma. LOL.  One friend is based off of my good friend, Hannah, and she has a sort of boyfriend who is reminiscent of Hannah's sort of bf.  Then another friend is a mash-up of Kiersten and one of my very good friends.  I was thinking about how I use my life to create my books, and that reminded me how Heather Vogel Frederick did that with MDBC.  I can only hope what I write turns out as well as her novels.  Crossing my fingers!

Well, that's all.  I have to get back to writing. ;) Thanks for reading. <3 (That's a heart, in case it's an epic fail and you couldn't tell.)


  1. I base characters off of people I know too. (: Some are more obvious than others, but they're there all the same. When I dedicate a book to someone, it'll probably be something like: "To all of you who helped me maintain a margin of sanity and gave me chocolate to get me out of writer's block, thanks. This one's for you." (:

  2. I was stalking your Movella and read the new chapters! I love it.


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