February 8, 2013

The Homeschooling Reality

I'm using this post to clear up some myths about homeschooling, based on questions I get in public.

1) Do you actually do school, or is homeschooling just an excuse to play hooky?
Oh, I do schoolwork.  I'm taking a tough algebra II class at our co-op that could certainly prove this.  I spend less of my day doing schoolwork than the average public school student, but that's only because I can finish more quickly.

2) I bet you get all A's since your mom grades your stuff.
My mom doesn't grade all my assignments.  I have teachers at the co-op who grade about 75% of my assignments and tests.  As for the all A's...I have good grades because I'm a good student, but I have a pop quiz from Shakespeare, a couple of algebra II tests, and some Old Testament Survey assignments that prove I don't get all A's.

3) I'll bet your only friends are your siblings.
I'm an only child, so that automatically cancels out that possibility...

4) Well then, I'll bet you have no friends.
I have friends.  Not many, but I do have friends.  I don't need tons of people to hang out with, just people that who are true friends.  And then I know lots of people through my co-op.

5) You're probably some weird religious freak. That's why you're homeschooled.
Um, I'm homeschooled only partially for religious reasons.  And not all homeschoolers are religious.  I am, but that's always been a part of my life, even when I went to public and private schools.

6) What do you do for gym class?  Run around in your backyard?
Nope.  Last year, I did a fitness course through Switched on Schoolhouse, and now we have a Wii Fit, so I use that.  I'm not a very athletic person (and I'm quite uncoordinated), so sports are out of the question.

7) What grade are you in?  Do you even know the answer to that?
Yes, I know what grade I'm in.  I'm not going to say for privacy purposes, though. ;)

8) Why do you dress so fashionably, if you're a homeschooler?
Why thank you for that indirect compliment!  Maybe I dress fashionably because that's my style and homeschoolers know how to be fashionably cool?  We're not all nerds, you know.

9) Why don't you go to regular school?
Because, my parents and I feel I wouldn't get the best education possible at a public school.  With homeschooling, we can tailor my education to my needs (emphasis on English and history classes and just the science and math courses I need to graduate and get into college).

10) You must be really sheltered.
Well, yeah, I have less exposure to bad language, drugs, and inappropriate stuff, but I'm not sheltered.  I know what the real world is like.  I'm interested in news and the political realm (not as a career, though).  I know that bad things can happen.  But as I grow older, my parents expect me to make good choices and choose appropriate music, books, TV shows, movies, etc.  And I kinda wish I was more sheltered, so I could miss out on things like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Twilight, and more.

11) Homeschoolers are really shy and antisocial.
Welp.  I don't help that stereotype any... yeah, I'm shy, but I can also be outgoing and vivacious and crazy.  I'm just shy around strangers and people I don't know so well.  I've been like that since elementary school.  And, no, I'm actually not antisocial.  Maybe occasionally, but I do like to hang out with friends and go places, like the mall, and Starbucks, and the library (just to name three).

12) You have no life.
And you base this claim on what?  The fact that I'm a homeschooler?  I go to a co-op.  This co-op has events that I go to.  I have friends.  We hang out.  I blog.  I go to church and volunteer in the Mothers Of PreSchoolers nursery on Thursdays.  I have a math study group.  I can go shopping or to a movie or bake or whatever pretty much whenever I want.  Whereas people who attend public and private schools are stuck in classrooms for about 8 hours and then go home and do homework for several more hours.

13) How awesome is it to do school in your pajamas?
Okay, this is one myth that is completely true.  It is very awesome to do school in my PJs.  I can wake up at, say, 8 AM, grab my laptop, and write an English paper, all from the comfort of my bed.  Pajamas=comfort.  The more comfortable I am, the better I can focus.

Lastly, watch this awesome video by BlimeyCow.  It is 100% true.


  1. You go, girl! And I agree, some people think that just because you are homeschooled or home a lot you don't know what the world is like. Do they really think we're stupid? Sorry, got a little ticked off there, lol.

    And guess what? You are chosen for the "Reader Appreciation Award." Here's the link: http://hildald.blogspot.com/2013/02/reader-appreciation-award.html

    1. Thank you! I shall go check it out now. :)

  2. This post caught my eye because it's so true! I'm homeschooled, I don't get all A's, and I have a life and many friends!
    I always do my schoolwork in pajamas.
    Anyway. I think it's cool that you want to be a writer, because I do also. (I'm taking 2 writing classes at my co-op.)
    I enjoy your blog, keep at it!

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. :)


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