February 27, 2013

Fashion Spotlight

So today, I'm working on my world history project (fashion in the 1900s) and I'm Googling pictures of different styles.  I was at the point where I was searching for vintage cocktail dresses, and I find this dress:

Pretty, right?  But my guess is you're thinking, Where is Emma going with this?
Well, I see the dress and it automatically reminds me of one a friend wore to a party last fall.  I went on Facebook to check, and I was right!  Kate wore a dress very similar to the one above, and neither of us even realized she was emulating the style of a 1950s-1960s cocktail dress.

Here's Kate's dress, so you can compare:

Different sashes, and the skirts fall differently, but there's definitely a similarity in the halter neck style and the overall look is reminiscent of the vintage cocktail dress.


  1. I like the second one. So pretty. It does look the same as the first one. Cool!

  2. This is very pretty! I'm a new follower for sure! Do you think you could check out my blog and follow? Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you! And of course, I'll check out your blog. :)


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