April 12, 2013

Insomnia and the Avengers

Since my cold is making it impossible to sleep, I've spent too much time on WeHeartIt finding Avengers gifs.


This is how I feel when my teacher calls on me in algebra class and everyone turn to look at me.

I can turn into an enormous green rage monster when someone hates on Taylor Swift, or I'm mad about something.  But no one is a huge fan of it.

If you hate on Taylor, the following two images aptly describe what Swifties will do.

And, finally...

Oh, you hate the Avengers?  Shall I repost one of the above images where bad things happen (or are about to happen)?

Yeah, Emma gets sassy when she has a cold, is up too late, and has a history test tomorrow.


  1. Oh. My. Pumpernickel. I've never seen the Avengers (though I'd kind of like to), but this made me laugh anyway. Especially that last one. Oh. My. Pumpernickel.

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