April 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Let's talk about Once Upon a Time. (And there will be spoilers for season 2.)  Henry often says, "Good always wins!" And he's almost right.  In the end, God will triumph over Satan.  But good won't always win until then because of the sin in the world.

Right now, things look pretty darn hopeless on Once, and I'm worried good won't win.  The current villains make the Evil Queen look as pure as Snow White.  Pretty worrisome, huh?  Once's Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin (the other main antagonist of season one) have their redeeming qualities, things that could turn them to the good side.  Regina-that's the Evil Queen-has been trying so hard to become good for Henry, her adopted son.  But circumstances keep shoving this wavering woman to the bad side.  She reminds me of a baby Christian, someone who falters a lot because they're new to Christianity and being a child of God.  But there's always hope, and I have to believe Regina will return to the girl who loved the stable boy.

Tamara and Owen/Greg, on the other hand... There's a bit of motive for Greg's evilness, but Tamara is just so bad!  She's so casually cruel.  Those are the people that steam my clams.  They have no heart, no conscience.  I'm sure we'll learn why she's like this, but honestly, I can't see any valid back story that would make a person that bad.  I want to kick both Tamara and Greg in the face.

But like I said, I feel like all hope is lost after tonight's episode and the 8-minute preview I saw for next Sunday's (things are pretty dismal).  OUAT is one of my favorite shows, so I want things to turn out the way I want them to.  Things need to change with Mr. Gold and Lacey (Belle).  She needs to remember so she can become a good person again and bring out the good in Gold.  Tamara and Greg need to go.  Regina and Hook need to be "baby Christians" (using that analogy again) and slowly become good but not waver as much as Regina already has this season.  I'd like to see Ursula become season 3's villain, along with Jafar, and maybe Maleficient can make a return.  And the Charmings need to be a happy family.  Snow needs to feel good again, after the events of episode 16.  And there needs to be happily ever afters.

And I freaking want good to win.  Is that too much to ask???


  1. I totally agree....Once Upon A Time is my FAVORITE show!!

  2. I actually hope their isn't a third season. I fell in love with the first season, but I'm a bit disappointed with the second, so I hope they don't ruin the whole series by making a third that is even worse than the second! My problem with it is that they aren't working for a common goal like in the first season they were trying to get everyone to remember. In this season, there's just too much going on and nothing is getting resolved.

    1. There will be a third season, I've heard. :) Lana Parilla-I think that's who it was...-tweeted filming would start on July 11.

      The theme of this season has been redemption, and I think we've seen that happen a bit. But not as much as I'd like.


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