May 24, 2013

Woes of a Writer

1) Don't tell your guy friend you killed him in a book.  He'll give you this look that says, "How could you???"

2) Said guy friend will then try to get you to change his death scene.

3) Another friend will try to get you to make her character a fairy.

4) No one but fellow writers understands that anything they say or do, can and will be used in a book.

5) People ask if you write about them.  If you say yes, they want to know everything about their character.

6) Everyone ignores the sign on your door that says "WRITING - DO NOT DISTURB UNLESS IT'S A MATTER OF LIFE, DEATH, TAYLOR SWIFT, OR CHOCOLATE."

7) If you tell someone to hush because you're scribbling down a story idea, they'll keep on talking.

8) You are less important than the readers, the booksellers, the librarians, the editors, and EVERYONE.  Even though it's your book that is (hopefully) providing enjoyment to the world.

9) There's always that worry that your book stinks, and all of your friends are just being nice when they say it's really good.


  1. Oh my pumpernickel. Do you really have a sign on your door that says that? Because if you do, that's totally awesome. (Even if anyone does ignore it. >.<)

    Oh, and on number nine, I know exactly how you feel.

    1. It's not up all the time, but yeah, I do have one. :)

  2. Surprisingly my family don't ask me if they are in my stories.


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