August 9, 2013

An Interview and a Giveaway

So recently, I discovered Taylor's Thingamabobs on Etsy (I followed @RealLifeDisney on Twitter before checking out her shop, actually) and thus the fangirling began.  Taylor is an absolute genius when it comes to making bows.  She's creative, artistic, and really good at her craft.  Seriously, I wish I had her talent.  Then I could call this blog Books and Bows.  But I'll stick to writing and reading.

(That's one of my favorite pictures that she's Tweeted.)

I ordered bows from her, and they just arrived today.  I have Kiss the Girl, Peter Pan-inspired, Little Town Belle-inspired, and Ballroom Belle-inspired.  They're all beautiful and so well-made.

Anyways, I got to interview Taylor!

1. So how did you get started making bows?
I started making bows when I was a cheerleader. I would make bows for all sorts of events. I took a break for a while and when I started to buy bows again, I also decided to start making them again.

2. When did you decide to open an Etsy shop?
I decided to open one in about the middle of May. The idea was sparked when I was making bows for myself and someone tweeted me telling me I should sell them!

3. Could you describe the process for creating a bow, starting with when you get the idea?
Well when I first get an idea, I usually like to get inspired. For bows based upon movies or movie characters, I watch the movie, and for bows based upon WDW attractions I listen to the ride through. After being inspired, I look at a lot of pictures and sketch out a design. After I find a design that I am satisfied with, I buy supplies and create the bow!

4. What's your favorite bow that you've created?
Definitely my Kiss the Girl bow. I love how big it is.

5. If you could work as any type of cast member in Disney World, what would you choose?
I would LOVE to be a face character for Ariel. At my current job, I love making little kids happy. So I would find it amazing to get to make dreams come true everyday. Plus, Ariel is my favorite princess.

6. Favorite Disney movie?
The Little Mermaid has always been and always will be my favorite Disney movie.

7. I heard you work at Build-a-Bear Workshop.  What's your favorite part about working there?
Making people smile. I have some of the most fabulous guest experiences and at the end of the day, if I made just one little kid smile, I know I did my job.

8. What's your favorite fairytale - Disney or otherwise?
Besides the little mermaid, I love everything about Alice in Wonderland; the Disney movie and the book. Everything about her and Wonderland absolutely fascinates me.

And since I love Real Life Disney bows so much, I have two to give away to you! (Plus a random prize for those of you who don't really want a bow.  But who am I kidding?  Y'all are probably dying for a bow because they're gorgeous.)

So here are the two I'm giving away: the Tangled-inspired bow and the Cinderella-inspired bow.


And then for those of you who don't want a bow (first of all, I'm utterly shocked you don't want one), I have Angry Bird stickers.  Kind of lame, but still fun. :) Just enter below (the giveaway officially starts at midnight)!  There are a couple mandatory options, but the rest just increase your entries and chances of winning.
A lot of people are doing the comment entry option, but in reviewing entries, I've found that you haven't commented.  The comment may not have gone through, so please try again!  I'd hate to remove your entry.

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  1. My favorite bow is the Kiss The Girl!

  2. I love Taylor's bows! They are so creative!

  3. These bows are so cool! I think I love the two Belle ones and the Tangled ones the best.

    Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!

  4. I love this! Not only the interview, which is great, but the bows and Disney :)

  5. I love the Cinderella one! AHHHHHH! SO STINKIN CUTE!

  6. A lot of people are using the comment entry option, but I'm finding that you haven't commented. The comment may not have gone through, so please try again!

  7. my friend makes hair accessories but I love that Taylor's are Disney themed!


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