August 30, 2013

Random Friday: Dream Jobs

Random Fridays is a new, original weekly feature on Bookworm/Future Author.  Each Friday, I'll have a random topic (I hope to get these topics chosen in advance and have a list for y'all to see) and I'll blog about that.  Y'all are welcome to join in, using my pre-chosen topic.  Just, please, use the image above and link back to my blog somewhere in your post. :)

This week, I want to talk about...dream jobs.

1. Assistant to Taylor of Taylor's Thingamabobs

Seriously, how fun would it be to be her assistant?  I'd go on supply runs for her, mail packages, handle orders (except custom orders, since she would need to discuss designs with those customers), and be willingly paid in bows.

2. Bridal Consultant

I love watching Say Yes to the Dress with my mom, and I think it would be really cool to help brides find their perfect dress.

3. Personal Stylist
I don't feature fashion too much on this blog because I'm too wrapped up with books and writing.  But I love figuring out what looks good on people and helping them shop.  This kind of fits with bridal consultant, too.

4. Professional Bookworm
Seriously, can I be paid to just sit around and read books?  Maybe bake once in awhile?  I could be paid in books and giftcards to bookstores.

5. Editor
My ultimate career goal, besides being a writer, is to work in the publishing industry and be an editor, specifically a copy editor.  Grammar and spelling are a couple of my strengths, but I do like analyzing content and making sure it sounds perfect.  Except for when it comes to my own books.  That's a headache. :P

6. So this one is going to be a combination of all my dream jobs from when I was little.
Ballerina.  I loved ballet class.  I had to take tap and jazz, too, but I really liked ballet.
Veterinarian.  A friend from second grade and I decided to be vets together and open a clinic.  That dream died long ago when I realized a) how much I hate science, and b) how squeamish I am.  Seriously, don't talk about your injuries around me.
Teacher.  This was during the period of about 3-4 years when I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life (mid-life crisis at age 10).
Interior decorator.  See below...

7. Interior decorater/designer.
I went through a phase where I was absolutely obsessed with interior design.  I think it started about the time we went to NYC and visited the Met and saw the gallery of furniture.  I would still love to do something like this, but that dream is deeply buried under my writing desires.

Hopefully, the first Random Friday is a success, and here's to many more!


  1. Love your list, Emma! I'll try to find time today to write up my own Random Friday post.

  2. I love your list! I'll start writing mine right after I post this comment :)

  3. Cool idea! I think you need a more eye-catching image than that, though.

    1. Yeah, probably, but I'm not too talented with graphics. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to have a cooler image. :)

  4. Professional Bookworm is a lot like Editor - getting paid to read books, lots of them. Or book agent maybe. Here's hoping that your dreams come true :)


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