March 27, 2014

A Mother-Daughter Discussion

My mom was in the hospital back in January.  While she ended up being fine, they kept her overnight for observation, so I sent a special gift for her: the first Mother-Daughter Book Club book.  If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile, you'll know that I'm a big MDBC fan.  I've been reading the books since I was 12 going on 13, and I've followed the girls' journeys as they grew up alongside me.  My mom knows how much I love them and admire Heather Vogel Frederick, the author, so she was happy that I was finally sharing a favorite series with her.

She finished the whole series in 2 weeks, and right as she was finishing up Wish You Were Eyre, Heather announced the 7th MDBC book, news that made us both ecstatic.

Something fun I did was ask my mom some questions after she finished the series, and I answered the same questions.  Here's what we had to say. (My mom's answers are in purple, and mine are in teal.)

1) Favorite daughter? Favorite mom? Favorite secondary character?
Emma; Mrs. Delaney; Savannah (after the events of Dear Pen Pal, of course)
Emma or Jess; Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid; Tristan, Darcy, or Winky

2) Favorite and least favorite books of the series?
I liked them all, but Wish You Were Eyre is probably my favorite.
Pies & Prejudice was my favorite; Wish You Were Eyre is my least favorite because it was (we thought) the last book and this stickler for grammar and continuity was bothered that there were so many errors.

3) Which character grew the most in your opinion?
Cassidy, especially because in WYWE, she decided her pranking days were over.
I'd have to say Becca.  By WYWE, she was a much more thoughtful, nicer girl.

4) What do you think is MDBC's strongest point?
The various relationships, mainly the familial and platonic ones.
I definitely agree.

5) Do you remember any stand-out quotes?
My mom laughed at me when I asked this (her memory isn't the best).
I liked the scene where Emma talked about story ideas being like stray cats.

6) Any changes you'd make?
All the pranking got out of hand.  I also don't feel like Dylan and Ryan matured properly; they obviously aged but some of their actions didn't seem to fit their age.
I feel like Chloe aged too quickly (she was flower girl when she was barely two, was talking and walking more than most 12 to 18 months old I know).  I found some of Megan's fashion ideas to be too out there, even considering the haute couture world.  I also would've liked to see more guy antagonists.  The typical mean girl gets old very quickly.

7) What book(s) do you hope they'll read in book 7?
Gone With the Wind.
Gone With the Wind would be awesome.

8) What do you hope to see in book 7?
I'm not sure, maybe learning something from the book's heroine like they've done in the past.
I want to see them starting their college visits, and the Berkeleys returning (especially Tristan), and the girls traveling to some place new and fun.  I'd also like to see how Megan and Sophie's relationship develops now that Gigi and Sophie's grandfather are married.

I liked watching the girls grow up and how the moms matured, particularly Mrs. Chadwick and Mrs. Wong.
I can't wait to see what Heather has in store for the girls in book 7!  Too bad we have to wait until at least the summer of 2015.


  1. Mother daughter discussions are always good.
    Just a small comment on number 3, I will miss Cassidy's pranks. They were always a part of her. Like, in WYWE, The "Piquese de mec" prank I believe it was, helped show the girls' feelings of Sophie, although in a dumb and kind of stubborn way. It contributed to making the book and what it was.

  2. Cool post! I still need to read the Mother-Daughter Book Club (please don't kill me), but it's great that you and your mom can share this.

  3. I didn't know a new one was coming out! I am so excited for it now!


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