March 24, 2014

I'm a Teenage Book Blogger

I'm pretty sure most of you knew that.  If you follow me on Twitter, I talk a lot about school and the homeschool co-op I attend.  I've also mentioned both a few times on here.

So what does that mean for me?  I'd like to think it's pretty stressful juggling schoolwork, reading, blogging, writing, and any other things I like to do.  I'm good at getting some of my assignments done with plenty of time to spare, but I can't do that with all of them.  Hardest of all is deciding when I should read and when I should work on school.

At the beginning of 2014, I was reading at least 6 books a week.  That number has begun to drop just because I sadly don't have as much time.  But there are days where I'm like, "Heck with it, I'm going to read, even if I have five geometry lessons due on Friday."  Reading makes me happy.  I love diving into a book and pretending the real world doesn't exist.  I get a thrill from well-written prose and flawed characters and hilarious dialogue.  I love books that make me hate them (a recent example being Lady Thief).  I love reading in the car, even when we're only driving for 5 minutes because it's fun to look up and realize we've reached our destination when I feel like we've just barely left.

I mentioned writing above.  I haven't devoted enough time to writing anything lately, even my fanfiction.  It's not like I don't want to, but with everything else, it is so hard to find the time.  I have so many ideas that I want to develop, and I'm getting better at limiting myself to only one or two stories at a time.  But if I want to work on the other ideas, I need to have more time to write!  I'm looking forward to summer break.  I'll continue to write until then, but maybe I'll have more time once I'm done with all of my schoolwork.  Of course, God willing, I'll be leaving for college the second week in August so I'll need to spend as much of June and July with friends as possible, not to mention packing.

I'm a teenage book blogger and sometimes I don't make the wisest choices on how I'll spend my time.  Sometimes, I work too much, which makes me unhappy.  Sometimes, I read and blog too much, which leaves me with mountains of schoolwork.  Sometimes, I don't write enough, which makes me worry how I'll juggle a full-time job and writing some day.  Sometimes, I don't talk to people enough because I have too many things to do.  Sometimes, I spend too much time on Twitter and Tumblr and random sites, which makes me feel guilty about all the others things I could be doing. But it's okay because I'm a teenage book blogger and I'm allowed to still be figuring life out.


  1. I really, really love this. I understand completely what you're talking about, and it is definitely hard. Thank you for putting this out there, and I personally think that you do a REALLY good job at dutifully blogging every other day. I aspire to manage my time like you eventually, and hopefully I learn soon when to read and when to write, when to post and when to do social media. Oh, and what college are you hoping to attend?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. <3 You should know that I work on posts weeks in advance, so that really helps me post as often as I do.

      I'm hoping to attend Asbury; we're just waiting to hear back on financial aid.

  2. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this topic. Well written. You get an A+. Now get back to work on the homework assignments :)

  3. I love this. Do you mind if I quote you for my blog?
    " I love diving into a book and pretending the real world doesn't exist."
    - Awkwordly Emma
    Just getting permission.
    - Jane B.


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