April 9, 2020

Why I Love Break the Fall

I'd been looking forward to Jennifer Iacopelli's YA book about gymnastics, Break the Fall, for a really long time, and it was such a satisfying read. Here are a few more in-depth reasons to hopefully convince you to buy and read the book too.

1. The romance
Ugh, I love a good swoony romance with chemistry and characters who care about each other. Also Leo fully roots for and supports Audrey, which was very nice to see.

2. The nuance of characters
There's a couple of gymnasts that are sort of mean girls, and of course there is strong competition between all the different gymnasts from different countries. But, when it really matters, they bond together to support one another.

3. The gymnastics
One of my top two favorite sports. There are so many great details about movements and training, and behind the scenes stuff the average person doesn't know. Also it's finally pushed me to start watching Make It or Break It.

4. How much it made me cry
When a book makes me cry, it's a big deal. (I cry easily, but usually it's because of movies or TV shows.) And I didn't necessarily cry because of sad things; I was just so proud of certain characters, and like I said above, there's some great coming-together-to-support-each-other moments, and those usually make me cry.

I'm going to be talking about this book for months to come, but why wait?


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