September 25, 2011

On. The. Runway

This blog post probably won't be appreciated/liked by everyone.  I'm cool with that.  But I have to feature the last of my favorite series that I have neglected to blog about so far.  The series is called On the Runway.  It's written by Melody Carlson, and here comes the part that most of you won't like (I'm guessing): the series is Christian teen fiction.  The main character is a Christian.  There are several other Christians Erin Forrester (main character) encounters who help her grow in her faith.  Erin sticks to her moral standards that many would see as a bit stifled, but I see them as refreshing (although Erin's not real) in a world where so many things are now allowed that would've been forbidden even one hundred years ago.  This series should also have an age limit.  I don't think anyone under 13 or 14 should read it because of some of the topics discussed.  But I absolutely adore the series.  After's about fashion! :D Here's book 6's cover.  Oh, and the books are-in order-Premiere, Catwalk, Rendezvous, Spotlight, Glamour, and Ciao.

Ciao  -     
        By: Melody Carlson


  1. Awesome u should read the christy miller series by robin jones gunn another christian author

  2. Oh, I do! :) I actually should blog about that series. xD And I remembered another favorite book of mine. Guess I have too many favorites, ha-ha!

  3. I'm guessing I'm the one who you thought didn't like Christian fiction? ::)
    I actually do really like books that can be called that because of the morals of the characters, and I'm willing to give this one a try. Have you ever heard of the Sweet Seasons series by Debbie Viguie? It is another Christian book that I think you might like.


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