September 15, 2011

Week of Books, Day Four: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I started A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at the end of our trip back in July and finished it at home.  Written by Betty Smith, it is the tale of Francie Nolan, a young girl in Brooklyn, New York.  It has an authentic style to it, but there was a lot of foul language and name-calling (RACIST name-calling) that bothered me.  There was also one scene that is very mature.  I wouldn't suggest A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to anyone under 14.  So choose your reading material wisely. ;) If you'd really like to read this book and you're under 14, I'd look for an abridged version.

In other news, Rick Riordan [Did you know his name is pronounced Rye-or-din?  I always thought it was Ree-or-din!  Guess you learn something new every day, ha ha.  ANYWAYS.], Rick Riordan TAUNTED us on his blog with a picture of him and a copy of The Son of Neptune, the next book in the Heroes of Olympus series.  SoN is released October 4th, and the wait is driving me crazy!  And he had to go and taunt us with an actual copy to boot.  Cruel, cruel, cruel.  At least Heather Vogel Frederick isn't doing that with Home for the Holidays! (Also released October 4th.)

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