October 25, 2011

Oh. My. P&P

My small group leader loaned me the 1995 version of P&P. *faints* Colin Firth!  Oh, yes, I'm a full-on Janeite now.  It's fun to hear Colin Firth say "She smiles too much." and "She is tolerable."  And I loved how the opening P&P line was fit into the script.  But, IMO, the Jane Bennet in this version isn't that pretty.  Rosamund Pike is a much better Jane.  I prefer the 2005 version in the matter of characters, minus Mr. Darcy and this Lizzy.  I like both Elizabeths equally.  Well, that's for now.  We're only 35 minutes into the entire 6 hours.  I think I shall try what Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne do in MDBC sometime.

1 comment:

  1. I think the 6 hour miniseiries is MUCH better than the new movie. But that's an opinion not a fact. :)
    Also when I read P&P I found that it was almost exactly the same script as the T.V. seiries.


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