October 3, 2011

It's Official

What's official?  You're probably wondering.  Oh, nothing much.  Just my now extreme dislike for Rick Riordan.  I still enjoy his PJO series.  Thus far, I think his Heroes of Olympus series is just okay.  I don't like his Egyptian mythology series, as it is too mystical.  But now you've really done it, Rick Riordan.  How am I supposed to beat you in getting out a Norse mythology book by 2015???  That's just four short years away.  Yeah, it's official.  He announced he will have a Norse mythology series starting in the works in 2015.  And I've been working on my ideas since before I started reading PJO.  It was a fantasy in the back of my brain since 2009, I believe.  This past February, I started researching the Norse gods.  And then I was temporarily sidetracked by reading PJO.  But I've been officially writing my Norse mythology book since April!  APRIL!  And of course, being a lowly teenager, I have no chance of getting published.  Is it time for me to boycott PJO?  No, I don't think so.  You can appreciate a book and not like the author, right?  But I still strongly dislike Rick Riordan now. >:-( (Note that I don't use the word hate.  Hate is not a people-verb.  If you hate someone, you become a hateful person.  Hate should only be used for things.  Like spinach and brussel sprouts and Justin Bieber's music.)


  1. Poor Emma. :( You can always try! :) I know you're a good writer. ;)

  2. Hate should definitely be used for Justin Bieber's music

  3. As long as we don't hate JB himself. ;)


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